Pearl PL900C Educational Kits Snare and Bell Kit

The Pearl PL900C Educational Kits Snare and Bell Kit is everything your child needs for the school band, it’s the perfect starter kit for the percussion student. The instrument offers 2.5 octave range (F5-C8) Aluminum tone bars for effective practice.

Pearl PL900C: Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Very good quality for a starter kit. Easy to assemble. Good value
  • Cons: You get only one music stand . You have to remove the bells to play the snare and vice-versa.
  • Best Uses: School Bands


buy Pearl PL900C Educational Kits Snare and Bell Kit

  • This is a great all-in-one set for the beginning percussionist, especially those who are studying percussion in school.
  • The rolling case makes it convenient to transport the kit back and forth from home to school.
  • The kit has everything a beginner percussionist needs to get started
  • The set comes with a snare drum, sticks, mallets, music stand, instructional DVD
  • Cost effective to buy than rent. Its half the cost of school rental option.

Pearl PL900C Educational Snare & Bell Kit: Review

This Percussion Kit contains all the essentials for the drummer or percussionist who wants to start learning the fundamentals of music. In terms of value, its all hands down the best kit available in the market. The features available makes it the best value for your dollar anywhere. It has superior components and easy transport features (comes with case with wheel). Its the best quality bell kit on the market, and you can now own it for less than RENTING.

Its lightweight, comes with a carry bag with wheels which makes it easy to carry the kit around even for children. With such high quality responsiveness and sensitivity in a drum, it is definitely going to turn out to be a positive experience for your child who’s just starting to learn to play it. Most importantly, it turns out much cheaper to buy the kit than to rent it out (which can easily be around $40-$50 per month).

Pearl quality Height adjustable Bell Stand comes with a simple on/off mechanism for quick setups and teardowns. The stand works for all 3 instruments (practice pad, snare, and bells), although you can only put one instrument on the stand at a time.

Pearl PL900C Snare & Bell Kit: Demo / Video Review

Buy Pearl PL900C Educational Kits Snare and Bell Kit

Pearl PL900C Educational Snare & Bell Kit: Features / Specs

Here are the main features of Pearl PL900C Educational Kits Snare and Bell Kit

  • The kit includes sticks and mallets, stand, bells, practice pad and a bag. No additional purchases required.
  • Snare drum – 13″ x3.5″ made of steel with Hairline nickel finish
  • Separate heavy duty “basket-style” snare top featuring a no-slip angle adjustment
  • 8″ tunable practice pad with stand mount features a realistic drum feel.
  • For effective practice, 2.5 octave range (F5-C8) Aluminum tone bars
  • Improved durability due to high impact plastic frame sides
  • The bells are labeled with note names which is extremely helpful, especially for beginners
  • Set up instructions are permanently affixed to the bells so you don’t need separate manuals (that you may lose).
  • Easy to assemble and transport. The stand comes with simple on/off mechanism for quick setups and teardowns.
  • The case makes it convenient to carry all the items in it
  • Height of bell stand is easily adjustable with a simple on/off mechanism for quick set ups and teardowns. Has a retractable handle for comfort
  • Music rack attaches to the bells, so you don’t need a separate music stand.
  • The case is a PKBC-8 nylon bag, backpack style and has reflective stripe and built in wide set roller blade wheels. The case features zippered compartments to carry the various components and can be carried either on the back or by the reinforced side handle.
  • Product dimensions: 24x16x24 inches. Item Weight: 25 pounds

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Overall, the Pearl PL900C educational Kit is a great educational percussion Kit for your child. Its high quality, affordable and offers great value for money. It is a great set to start off with, especially for students of percussion.

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    Garry July 3, 2017 at 5:17 am

    This percussion kit has everything that my child needed to start out in band. The bag is durable and easy to carry around. Sheet music stand is usable with the bells, but when using the drum there’s no place to put the music, will need to purchase another sheet music stand. You can either use the drum or bells with the stand, would have been nice if both could be used.

    The picture and description state a pearl practice pad is included. The practice pad that came with the kit was a cheap generic. The pad also did not have threads in it to screw onto the stand. I had to tap threads into it for it to work.

    But not much to complain about, overall am very happy with this percussion set set.

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