PCI Audio Interface

pci audio interfaces

PCI Audio Interface Reviews: Read more to know why you may need these, and the best options available in this type of audio interface.

More About this Type

Here are some important things to know about this type:

  • This interface goes in the PCI slot of your computer, so you’ll need to open the computer and install this.
  • Since it attaches to the PCI slot, it is also a fast method of getting audio in to your computer
  • This was the original way of getting audio into and out of a computer, until USB and firewire came along.
  • USB has gotten faster lately; firewire is faster but can be expensive. PCI is the only affordable and fast option when it comes to audio interfaces.

    The downside obviously is that you need to open your computer and install it, which can put-off a lot of users, and that is why the USBs are so popular.

    Buying Options

    These definitely have an advantage because of the faster data transfer speed of PCI.

    So if you are looking for one, there are several options available from brands such as M-audio, Emu, Edirol, and RME (to name a few).

    Watch: PCI Audio Interface in action.

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