Useful Orchestral Strings Accessories for Classical Musicians

Orchestral Strings Accessories Play for the band in school or a regular at the local orchestra? Here are some useful Orchestral Strings & accessories for your musical instrument. You will find replacement strings, bows, and cases. You will also find a full accessory line for viola, cello, and string bass.

Keep your instrument in top playing condition

Orchestral string instruments deserve the best care and proper maintenance if you want them to last longer, so make sure you invest in the right accessories for your music instrument.

Here, you will find everything to keep your gear and equipment (from beginner to professional instruments) in top playing condition. You’ll also find replacement parts for orchestral strings.

Popular Accessories

Spare set of strings, bows, bridges, pegs, case for their instrument – these are popular accessories used by beginners as well as experience orchestral strings musicians.

It never hurts to have spare accessories like bridges, pegs and strings in your case or gig bag.

Recommended Bridges

Recommended bridges for your violin.

  • Florea LA8170 Violin Bridge
  • String Centre Adjustable Violin Bridge
  • Glaesel Self-Adjusting Violin Bridges

Recommended bridges for your double bass.

  • String Centre Aurolar Hard Maple Bass Bridge
  • Glaesel Self-Adjusting Bass Bridge with Wheels.

Buy Accessories for Orchestral Strings here…

Glaesel Violin Ultra Practice Mute

Lightweight, safe, Full size Violin practice mute preserves more tone quality than the metal one, greatly reduces the volume for apartment and late night practicing.

Everest EZ Series Shoulder Rest for 4/4 Violin

Excellent one-piece accessory for playing at correct angles, and extremely comfortable. High quality foam for better comfort and support.

Fretless Finger Guide for Full Size Violin

The Fretless Finger Guides helps to learn to play violin, fiddle and learn the proper finger placement on the fingerboard.

Full Size Wood/Horse hair violin Bow

Top quality entry level bow at this price, equiped with genuine white, unbleached horsehair, Quality fittings

D’Addario Prelude Violin String Set, Medium Tension

Gives out warm, mellow tone, and are less sensitive to humidity and temperature changes. Produces a warmer, darker tone compared to steel strings.

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