Orchestral Music Stand Reviews: For the Experienced Musician

Orchestral Music Stand An Orchestral Music Stand is sort of a professional and sturdy stand, designed for the experienced musician and wide enough to have several music books (or the heaviest scores) open at a time.

Best Orchestral Music Stands

Here are reviews of some popular Orchestral Music Stands:

Manhasset Mh5001 Orchestra Stand

Manhasset Mh5001 Orchestra Stand
List Price: $56.99
Price: $54.00
You Save: $2.99
Price Disclaimer

Professional quality, with double lip. Its sturdy and stable, looks nice, comes with double lip that provides convenient storage for accessories like bows, reeds, etc. A popular orchestral music stand.

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  • Gearlux Deluxe Collapsible Orchestra Music Stand

    The Gearlux Orchestra Music Stand is a sturdy, well-built and easy to set up stand. Value for money orchestral sheet music stand. Its much better than some of the other stands available at this price. This orchestra stand has a tubular design and comes in a black finish. Read more…

    Manhasset M48 Symphony Sheet Music Stand

    Manhasset M48 Symphony Sheet Music Stand

    Manhasset Model #48 Sheet Music Stand
    List Price: $67.39
    Price: $44.99
    You Save: $22.40
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    This Manhasset symphony music stand is perfect for orchestras, school bands, and individual musicians that demand high quality and durability. It’s well made, solid and sturdy. It has a large size and the lip is perfect for holding sheet music and large music books. Read more.

    On-Stage SM7211 Professional Folding Orchestral Music Stand

    This On Stage music stand has all the features required for the musician on the go. This stand can also fold up and nest together if you are staying in one place.

    More Orchestral music stands

    Hamilton KB90 Traveler II Portable Music Stand
    These stands are perfect for any situation where mobility and stability are required. Combines the KB990BL stand and KB14 carrying bag.

    • Audio2000’S AST4384BL Premium Heavy-Duty Sheet Music Stand: Professional quality, premium sheet music stand
    • Stagg Heavy Duty Orchestral Vented Music Stand: Reasonably priced, heavy duty sheet music stand
    • Audio2000’S AST4384BL Premium Heavy-Duty Sheet Music Stand
    • Stagg Heavy Duty Orchestral Vented Music Stand

    Useful Music Stand Accessories

    Useful Music Stand Accessories Here are some useful accessories for your sheet music stand to help you get more from your music stand.

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    Orchestral Music Stand: Guide

    Orchestral music stands are heavier duty, ideal for supporting bigger music scores and that is the reason they are preferred in orchestras. Orchestral sheet music stands are also height adjustable allowing it to be used in either seated or standing position.

    These stands have a strong metal or plastic desk / music rest, and often also have a second smaller shelf to hold things like pencils, rosin and other music accessories.

    There are many musicians who use these stands to keep iPad as well.

    Experienced musicians who perform regularly need something with no compromises on quality. While performing, they just want to focus on the performance and not have to worry about their instruments or accessories.

    That is one of the reasons they usually choose to go with quality stuff.

    Here are some features of an Orchestra Music Stand:

  • Solid and sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over easily
  • Wide enough for longer sheets or multiple music books
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