Be an Online Guitar Teacher & Earn More Money: Teaching Guitar Online Made Simple

online guitar teacher There are lots of music teachers out there who are using the internet to impart music lessons. If you’re a guitar teacher, even you should consider teaching guitar online.

For Guitar Teachers

If you’re a proficient guitar player and want to start teaching guitar, may be full time down the line or to earn some extra money, you can consider becoming an Online Guitar Teacher.

Its quite easy to get started and doesn’t require a lot of investment in terms of infrastructure.

Here’s what you need to offer guitar lessons online:

  • You’ll need a webcam and a chat program like Skype. That’s what you need to provide guitar lessons on the Internet. You could be located anywhere in the world, and your students could be in different part of the world so long as they also have the same setup.
  • Your local students will have the option of learning to play the guitar online, or they could come to you personally for one-to-one or group lessons.
  • As far as the students are concerned, they can get started with the basics and even play simple songs using the resources & videos available on Youtube, but they will definitely need help to learn the right techniques.

Teaching Guitar Online: Studio Setup

Here’s what you will need as part of your online guitar studio as you start your online guitar teaching business.

There’s no need to get overwhelmed with the ‘tech’ part; these are simple gear and getting used to them doesn’t take time.

Here’s what most online guitar teachers use.

  • You will need a good computer and faster internet connection
  • You will need Mic and Camera: It may already be a part of your computer (most computers and laptops have these), or else you may have to buy them separately before you can start teaching music online.
  • You will need a video conferencing program (Skype or Google Video Chat – both are free)
  • Most importantly, you need some means by which you can get paid (especially in the case of international students).

    PayPal is the most commonly used option the world over. PayPal allows you to accept payments from students across the world, and it’s free to sign up. PayPal does charge a small fee for transactions on PayPal, but then its the most convenient way to accept money from foreign students.

    Well, that’s all you need to begin teaching guitar online.

    With more and more students preferring this option, its probably time to setup your own online guitar teaching studio.

    Building a virtual studio online is the easier part, but it requires more work to get more students on-board and to maintain relationships with them.

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