Online Guitar Lessons: Kick-start Your Dream of Playing the Guitar

Online Guitar Lessons
Best Online Guitar Lessons: Get Started Right Away! Looking for some guitar lessons to learn the basics, or videos to learn the right way to hold, strum or play the guitar? Here are some of the best online guitar lessons to help you get kick-started on playing the guitar.

If you’re looking for an online Guitar Teacher, you will be glad to see tons of resources available on the Internet. However, there are some things that you should remember to make those lessons even more effective.

  1. No doubt everybody loves to play guitar, and the entire genre of Rock ‘n’ Roll is based around this ‘glamorous’ instrument, but you’ll need to have patience to reach there. you’re not going to start playing the guitar overnight.
  2. Don’t worry so much about whether you should play lead guitar, bass, electric, acoustic and so on. Start learning guitar theory the old fashioned way and then you’ll know better what you like.
  3. Ask your teacher to teach you popular songs that can be played with few notes/chords. The beginning to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin isn’t that difficult to play, yet it’s one of the most famous songs of all time.
  4. Learning the basic chords on a guitar isn’t difficult. And depending on the song you’re playing, the individual notes might not be that difficult, either. Avoid going into complex songs right away.
  5. Moving your hands up and down the frets quickly, changing chord positions, should be done slowly in the beginning. Trying to do it fast right from the beginning will lend itself to several errors. So play at a lower tempo initially and then speed things up.
  6. Despite the availability of several learning resources / tools, you still need to practice to get good at playing the Guitar, just like any other art, there aren’t any shortcuts.
  7. To find a teacher, you may take the traditional route of hiring a teacher (better approach as it fast tracks your progress) or you may also learn online (entire courses are available now on how to play guitar, with proper videos showing how to play). Learning online is also more affordable.
  8. You’ll need to buy a guitar – here’s a guide on buying guitars. Buy a basic one to learn.

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Best Online Guitar Lessons
Best Guitar Learning Software for Beginners & Intermediate Students

Plenty of Resources Online

The best thing about the Internet is that there’s so much information available there for FREE, and some of them are really good quality stuff.

So if you have never checked online for guitar lessons, probably its time to do so now, especially if you want to learn to play the guitar.

The good things is that we have done all the hard work for you; we bring to you videos/tutorials of the best guitar lessons here on our website.

Find hundreds of guitar lessons, well known songs, interviews of some of the world’s best known guitar players providing some really useful tips and techniques.

The video below shows ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons doing just that.

While these videos are great to get a grasp of the basics, you have to go for structured lessons to improve your rhythm playing, to learn better techniques, and to become a better guitar player.

Here we also review some of the best guitar learning courses (software and/or DVD based) that offer comprehensive/structured guitar instructions. Though none of these are really a great substitute to one-to-one lessons from a good guitar teacher, they’re less expensive and lets you learn at your own pace and at your own place.

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I hope you have checked out each of these online guitar lessons. Until the time you find a private teacher for yourself, or get proper guitar learning tools, these can help you to get started right away.

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