The ONE Smart Piano Review: 88-Key Home Digital Piano

The ONE Smart Piano 88-Key Home Digital Piano features 88 weighted keys but its the multiple learning options available on this piano that makes it so attractive. While the One Smart Piano makers claim that it can teach you to play your first song in five minutes (probably a bit exaggerated) but the fact is that the piano has several built-in learning tools to make it easy to play the piano, the piano works with several free apps available for iPads, iPhones, and Android-based devices. Besides, the piano has light up keys which guide you to play the right notes as you learn to play; so playing piano is as easy as following lights. Great for beginning students and teachers. Check price on Amazon.

The ONE Smart Piano: Highlights

  • 88 Weighted Keys with hammer-action
  • Lot of learning tools for beginners – learn using free App (video lessons, sheet music and games), guided key lights
  • Ability to connect two headphones

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Value for Money, Several Learning tools (App, Lighted Keys)
  • Cons: Keys are weighted but don’t comparable with other expensive digital pianos.

The ONE Smart Piano: Review

Casio and Yamaha have keyboards that have keys that light up to help you guide through a song. The same concept is now available on this piano. The synced LED lights helps a beginner musician to play music in short span of time.

You can use various learning modes — light-up sheet music, integrated video lessons, piano games, and Crash Course for free (using an app). Professional musicians can choose from from thousands of free sheet music to play.

The 88-key piano with upright design measures 54 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 34 inches high. The keyboard has a nice hammer-action. It features two sockets for earphones, comes with a USB MIDI interface, and a built-in metronome. it also has a 3-pedal unit.

You also get an app that features songs in every genre, and provides free sheet music. The smart piano can play sheet music, MP3 files, and can also double as speakers for your home entertainment system.

Watch: “The One” is one smart piano

Features & Specs

Made for beginners, loved by musicians and teachers.

  • High Grade Piano: 88 weighted keys, professional stereo sound, 3 piano pedals and classic wooden body
  • 3 Ways to Learn with Free App: video lessons, sheet music and games through FREE iOS and Android Apps
  • Guided by LED Lights: Playing piano is as easy as following lights
  • Thousands of high quality songs: 2000+ free sheet music in addition to most popular piano video tutorials embedded, with new contents added every week
  • Item Weight 117 pounds,Product Dimensions 54 x 34 x 18 inches

Buying Links & Pricing

Playing the piano is a great skill to have, new pianos now ensure that learning to play is also easier. This smart piano has all the features, including an app, to help you learn. Overall, a nice digital piano aimed at beginners (and those that want to improve upon their skills), who want something with weighted keys, that looks like a real piano and also has lot of learning tools.

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    RexB December 10, 2017 at 6:53 pm

    My family loves the One Smart Piano!

    Love the One Smart Piano! Have it a little over a week now and everyone in our household have played and spent more time on the piano than the previous one we had before (Yamaha DGX620). The integration of smart phone/table with built apps, video tutorials, LED guides is really nice and intuitive. It does in a way encourages you to learn to play the piano faster. My wife who already knows how to play the piano (chords), my daughter (can read notes) who took piano classes and my son (no piano experience) who is 8 can not have enough of the piano. Me personally love the hybrid video tutorials and games, I just sit down and learn new songs and have learn to play 3 songs in couple of nights, some basic riffs and chords. One Smart piano really caters to different skill levels and to me seeing my kids spending more time playing it is already worth it. My son (8yo) has already went through 11 Hoffman video tutorials in 3 days without us telling him to do so! He has now learned to play some songs and starting to learn playing notes!

    Putting the piano together was easy, just need an extra hand setting the piano once the stands are in place. Quality of materials to me was ok, feels sturdy and not flimsy. The piano keys really does feel the like a real piano. The sound does fill our whole living room with high ceilings and marble floors. It looks great in our living room and compliments our room layout and decor.

    One cool thing I discovered was I was able to connect our Navi Big Tab 24″ android tablet! It sits quite perfectly on the piano and to me bigger screen is better! I also liked that the piano speakers can also double as external speaker for the tablet.

    For some cons, first the piano we ordered was white but it’s not the shiny glossy white you see on most pianos. It’s just like a semi gloss white painted wood finish which to me in a way makes it look cheap. We have white plantation shutters on our living room and the glossy white finish would have match and looked way better. Second, the piano does not come with a piano bench, I had to order one separately and finding a white one took me awhile but did get one. Lastly, not sure if it’s true with Apple products but the cable that attaches to my phone or any other smart phone does not provide charge. So if you’re playing the piano using your smartphone you will at some point lose battery charge. The Navi big tab in a way works for me as it has separate power and cable connections.

    Overall, we are really happy and is a great addition to our home and can be used for learning and fun.

    UPDATE: I just got an Ipad Air and have tried it on the One Smart Piano. The white ipad compliments the piano better although it has a smaller screen than my Navi Big Tab. The piano with it’s cable connection does charge the iPad.

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    Shaun April 13, 2018 at 11:25 pm

    The ONE Smart Piano is one of the better pianos out there, especially for beginners, because it has several tools that will help you learn how to play. Once connected to a free app, the smart Piano makes it easy to learn to play.

    The ONE Smart Piano – A Piano That Teaches

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