Nord Keyboards – Cutting edge stage pianos, organs and synthesizers for the performing musician

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Nord Keyboards: Built for the performing musician, explore their range of red colored stage piano, organ and synthesizer keyboards.

Clavia Nord Keyboard / Piano

In the midst of American and Japanese manufacturers of keyboard instruments, here is a Swedish brand which stands out with its superlative sounds and performance.

Be it the professional stage piano, or an organ for your church / club, or an analog synthesizer, Clavia delivers high playable and expressive keyboard instruments.

No wonder the Clavia Nord Keyboard is one of the preferred keyboard instruments for on-stage performances and studio use.

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Clavia Nord Keyboard Products

Clavia as a brand specializes in the manufacture of Synthesizers, Organs and electro mechanical keyboard instruments.

Here is what you can find from the Clavia stable.

Nord Piano
When it comes to the piano, being able to express is an important factor. Meant for the performing musician, the best in quality and expression combined with lightweight and portability.

Nord Stage EX
Set alight the stage on fire with this stage keyboard, which is a Piano, Organ and Synth – all built-in one! Classic organs, electric pianos and synthesizers packaged in one amazing instrument.

Nord C2 Organ
The C2 organ is an extremely versatile instrument. Use it for performing in Church, or for your club performances, or anywhere where a high quality pipe organ instrument is vital. Read more…

Nord Electro 3
This is where you see Clavia’s prowess in the use of effects and its sonic power. The Nord virtual electromechanical instrument includes stunning effects, pianos and organ sounds, compatible with the Nord Sample Library.

Nord Lead 2X
One of the pioneers of synthesizer keyboards, the Nord lead virtual analog synthesizer took the world of music by storm when it first debuted. A classic virtual analog synthesizer, this is among one of the most respected synthesizers.

Nord Wave
With this series, Nord takes the new generation of lead synthesizers to the next level. Now the fabulous Nord Wave allows you to integrate digital samples in an analog environment.

Keyboard Amp/Speakers needed for Nord Stage keyboards
Question: I’m a complete novice when it comes to Keyboard Amp / Sound reproduction but what I want is to hear a faithful reproduction of the sounds on my Nord. My need is for a small room only, not for performance. The speaker can be right next to me. I am confused about the differences between keyboard amps, monitors, and PA systems but have found that all three, or in combination, can be used for a digital keyboard. I wan’t to keep it small, simple, and preferably inexpensive although I’m willing to pay for the right solution – Richard


Keyboard Amp / Speakers for Nord Stage EX keyboard
by: Ben

Keyboard amplification is more of a personal thing also, since you will find different views from different users. Some feel their keyboard sounds the best through studio monitors, whereas some would vouch for PA systems. For a small room, you can go the keyboard amp or studio monitor route, though for public performances users go in for PA systems. You may have a look at the Roland KC350 or the Behringer Ultratone K3000FX keyboard amp.

Keyboard Amp for Nord Stage EX keyboard?
by: Wayne

If you have a bit more money to spare, go in for the Roland KC550 Stereo Mixing Keyboard Amplifier, just in case you decide to play for a band later on. And since you own a Nord Stage piano, you will love its sounds with this keyboard amp. You will truly appreciate the lower and the higher octave notes of your keyboard. Absolutely amazing Bass!

Here’s a video that shows a Keyboard connection to an Amplifier.

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