Nora the Piano Playing Cat

Do you have a pet at home who share the same level of enthusiasm for the piano as you do? If yes, then i’m glad you have some company. Here’s Nora the cat on the piano!

Nora the Piano Playing Cat

She really seems to be putting in the efforts; at least she’s not giving up. And like most of us, she does seem to get a little frustrated on not getting it right 😉

Checkout the video here, and let us know if your pet has any such hobbies.

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More About Nora

Nora is an American shorthair, and owned by Betsy Alexander and Burnell Yow of Philadelphia.

Altogether they have seven cats, but only Nora is interested in playing the piano.

Video Going Viral

When the couple first noticed Nora’s fascination for the piano, they started filming the cat and posting the videos on YouTube, especially for their niece.

The videos went viral and has more than 37 million views.

Now that’s the power of YouTube and social media.

And that’s not all. Nora’s online success has led to TV appearances with celebrities such as Conan O’Brien, Ellen DeGeneres and Tyra Banks…

Does your pet has any such talent? May be it’s time to take piano lessons together 🙂

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