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Musicians Lifestyle / Merchandise: Now its easy to look good at any gig with these men’s and women’s clothing and apparel. Find T-shirts, hoodies, hi-tops, low-tops, boots / shoes, hats/caps, denim laced jeans and more from your favorite brands.

Remember, many professional musicians spend as much time on their looks, hair and wardrobe as they do on getting the sound right.

Why it matters what you wear on stage?
Its because the audience is not just going to listen to the music, they’re going to judge many more things – the overall experience, your stage presence (including how you look), the stage banter, the music instruments you use, and more.

Every t-shirt has an intended audience, whether you realize it or not.
(“Can I get a little more talent in my monitor, please”)

musician t-shirts

What are your options
Depending on what stage of your career you’re in, you have a few options:

  • Wear what you wear regularly (when you’re trying to establish your career)
  • Dress up or have a specific stage costume (when you’re a known name and perform regularly)
  • Accessorise to make your wardrobe more interesting (you’re a star and your fans follow what you do/wear)

For instance, the Jimi Hendrix Black Velvet Stage Coat is extremely popular with musicians and guys into the clubbing scene.

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