Musical Keyboard Reviews: Best Brands & Products for Beginners

Best Musical Keyboard Reviews:Manufacturers / brands that make quality personal music keyboards & toy pianos for beginners (and even intermediate level players).

Personal keyboards for beginnersPersonal keyboards are lightweight, portable, and come at a price that’s practical for most families. These also run on batteries (in addition to the optional AC power adapter). These keyboards have built-in speakers, and are loaded with several sounds, rhythm patterns, and built-in songs to help you learn to play.

Children who are just Getting Started, can use mini sized keyboards that are smaller in size and have less than 61 keys. You may even opt for the lighted keys (with 61 keys) as children find it fun to use. It is better to go in for a keyboard with lots of features so that you get used to the various aspects available in digital keyboards instruments nowadays.

  • Are you a serious beginner – Young or Adult?
  • Are you a parent looking for a musical instrument for a child?
  • Looking for a budget keyboard but with some cool stuff so that you get a bit creative?
  • Here we will talk about all the brands that make the best portable keyboards, with a focus on learners and intermediate players.

    Read here for an exhaustive list of brands that make the best digital piano keyboards and synths for a wide range of players including experienced players and pros.

    Best Musical Keyboard & Pianos for Beginners

    This one is a bit easy, especially if you are looking for an electronic music keyboard because the two major brands there include Casio and Yamaha. There are a few more manufacturers that do make musical keyboards but they have a very few products. Yamaha and Casio keyboard series on the other hand have a very wide range of portable keyboards, even in the less than 200 dollar range.

    When it comes to digital pianos though, you have a few more options. These can be pianos with basic set of sounds and weighted keys, and some may even have built-in styles.

    Here, in addition to Yamaha, Casio, Roland and Korg, you still have a few more options. Again, all of these may or may not be available to you depending on which part of the world you live in.

    Here are some of the popular series of musical keyboards available from Yamaha and Casio, and other brands.

    Mini Keyboard
    Casio mini keyboardCasio mini keyboard
    Good for kids, growing children and music teachers who want to probably buy 10 or 15 small keyboards for their class.

    Lighted Keyboard
    Lighted Keyboards Casio LK lighted keyboard
    Yamaha EZ Lighted Keyboard
    These are good for growing children (they are obviously fascinated by the lighted keys) but suitable for adults as well (since they come with 61 standard keys).

    Popular 61Key Musical Keyboards
    Besides, the above series of keyboards from Yamaha and Casio, here are the more popular ones which are popular among serious learners and experienced keyboard players.

    arranger Keyboards Casio CTK 61-Key Musical Keyboard
    Yamaha YPT 61-Key Keyboards
    Yamaha 61-Key PSR Keyboard

    There are a few keyboards in YPT and PSR series that are very similar. Read here for the difference between Yamaha YPT music keyboards and Yamaha PSR music keyboards. Please note that the Yamaha PSR series has many more keyboards though, some of which are professional keyboards.

    Toy Pianos / Kids Musical Keyboard Reviews

    Looking for more options, here’s a range of toy Pianos for various age groups…

    toy piano Kids and younger children have a lot of variety, besides just going in for the Casio mini keyboard.

    Depending on the age of your child, you may also choose toy pianos and musical keyboards that are available from the bigger names of the Toy industry.

    You can check-out some of the best toy pianos here…

    More Beginner Music Keyboards

    arranger KeyboardsBest electronic keyboards under $200
    See more Electronic Keyboards…

    Musical Keyboard Reviews – Best Brands

    As mentioned, here are the popular ones…

    Other manufacturers of Musical Keyboards and Digital Pianos include:

    Williams Pianos – Affordable range of Digital Piano Keyboards

    Hope you’re able to pick the right one based on these Best Musical Keyboard Reviews

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