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Music Teachers Educators Resources: While many would argue that music education is on a downhill, here are some useful teaching resources that you can use to encourage music learning in your school/music studio.

As music teacher/educator your job is teach music to students. It means you will have to plan music lessons, have music reference books, have blank sheets, etc.

But then, besides following the regular teaching methods and resources, you could also take up challenging assignments like teaching music to the deaf, lecturing on the impact of music on health, and so on.

Here we list all the useful music resources and materials available to music teachers.

Music Teachers Resources

Here are some excellent, free education materials for music teachers that you may use for the elementary classroom. Find music education and teaching strategies, lesson plans, classroom tools, children’s songs, fingerplays, and other helpful materials.

  • Free Blank Sheet & Tab Paper: Free blank guitar sheet, staff & tab paper.You will need these to give lessons to your students or to make them practice writing notes.
  • Music teacher resources on ArtsLive:
    Resources kits, activities, quizzes, games, free recordings (by the NAC Orchestra),and more.

  • – Created by Dr. Prof. Joseph Pisano, this music technology site is a good place for elementary teachers to read about music education, music technology, and music advocacy. Other site features include links to music-related hardware, software, and freeware.

    The Lesson Plans Page – HotChalk’s Lesson Plans Page provides hundreds of detailed lesson plans for music teachers. Lessons are available for elementary, middle school, and high schools students.

  • – More than 100 music-related lesson plans are available for elementary school students at Lessons are also available for middle school students.
  • We the Teachers – This social networking site was not created specifically for music teachers, but it is still a good resource for lesson plans and other classroom tools. Teachers can share lesson plans, ideas, and philosophies in the forum and meet other teachers from around the world.
  • The Children’s Music Network – Created by teachers, musical performers, and parents in the U.S. and Canada, The Children’s Music Network (CMN) is a non-profit organization that shares songs and ideas about children’s music. Teachers can use the CMN site to find classroom resources, view upcoming events, and learn more about organizations that promote children’s music.
  • NNCC Fingerplays Plus – The NNCC (National Network for Child Care) offers a large selection of fingerplays and rhymes for elementary school children. Suggestions for related activities are also provided.
  • Judy and David’s Online Songbook – This no-frills website is a good place to find songs for children to sing in the classroom. Hundreds of songs are available on almost every topic imaginable.
  • Soundpiper – Soundpiper provides free children’s song lyrics and activity suggestions for the classroom. Teachers can also learn more about methods of music instruction and get tips on making homemade instruments.
  • Music from Across America – Created for grades K-5, this EDSITEment music learning unit introduces students to different instruments and sounds from various cultures and geographic regions. The unit includes multiple lessons, suggested activities, and other materials for the classroom.
  • Essentials of Music – Essentials of Music is a classical music site with a large glossary, biographies of famous composers, and information about various eras of music. The site also provides audio excerpts of some of the most famous classical music pieces.
  • Naxos – Naxos, one of the world’s leading classical music labels, offers an enormous glossary of music terminology as well as a basic introduction to classical music and instruments.

    Free Kids Music – This site provides free music downloads from independent children’s music artists. There are songs for learning and education and songs for fun and play.

  • Free Songs for Kids – Sponsored by Songs for Teaching, this music site provides free kids’ music (lyrics and audio), children’s song videos, printable sheet music, and other useful elementary classroom materials.
  • Music Teachers Blog – The Fun Music Company offers a Music Teachers Blog with free lesson plans, teaching strategies, and other useful resources for elementary music teachers.

  • Music Teacher’s Helper – This web-based computer program for music teachers tracks lesson schedules, invoices, payments, and more. It is free to use for teachers who have three students or less.

Show Films to Encourage Children

Films can encourage children to take to their music lessons with vigor; its also great to teach children about soundtracks.

FILMCLUB Guide to Primary Music
This resource uses films to teach about music. Using films as examples, students understand the way in which thoughts and feelings are conveyed through music and gain the skills needed to develop their own original musical compositions. You can see the films for free if you are a member of Into Film.

Make Music Accessible to Deaf Children

The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) has developed a good resource for music teachers to help deaf children enjoy music. In the resource an example is given of Lucy who has been working with deaf pupils for nearly two years.

Impact of Music on Mind

Music educators can also teach the impact of music on your mind. This magazine from the Wellcome Trust might be useful when teaching music in school. You can read interesting interviews on how music plays a wider role in society. More at

Watch: ‘Unpack your adjectives’ teaching ideas. A unique method where teacher does not correct the studentsas they sing. The focus is on music development before musical concepts are seriously taught.

Understanding Technology

This college of Music invests in music technology to educate their students (who turn out to be great Music Educators.

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