Parts & Accessories for Sheet Music Stands

Sheet Music Stands & Accessories. Guide to the various types of music Stands, especially sheet music stands, the best brands available & related music stand accessories. Accessories are not just available only for musical instruments, here are parts & accessories available for music stands that will help you get the most out of your purchase.

Top Accessories for Music Stands

Reading from sheets is an important task that most musicians have to do. Even though there are many musicians who play by ear, basic sight-reading is something that almost everybody who is learning to play a musical instrument, has to learn. And in case, you like playing classical music, then a music stand is something that you will need to use sometime in the future.

There’s also a range of musical instrument stands available to rest your instrument, when not in use.

Music Stand floor protectorsFloor Protectors
There are many who’re very particular when it comes to cleanliness, whereas some just don’t want anything to happen to their recently laid flooring. In either case, a floor protector is the best solution; it just makes sure that the music stand doesn’t leave any sort of marking on the floor.

Manhasset 1700 Model Floor Protectors, Music Stand Accessory
List Price: $7.38
Price: $6.46
You Save: $0.92
Price Disclaimer

Music Stand BagBag for Music Stand
This is a must have for those who perform; you need a bag so that you can easily move your music stand from one place to the other.

ChromaCast CC-PS-MSB Pro Series Music Stand Bag
List Price: $19.95
Price: $19.95
Price Disclaimer

Music Accessory shelfAccessory Shelf
Though every stand comes with one, you may want a bigger one or if your existing shelf is broken, you may want a replacement. In either case, you can choose from a variety of accessory shelves for your needs.

Music Stand LightMusic Stand Light
Another commonly used accessory is the lamp; most performers use it so that they get adequate light on the sheets while performing.

Mighty Bright 51810 Duet2 Music Light
List Price: $32.22
Price: $32.22
Price Disclaimer

Accessory Box
This is a small box that can be placed below the shelf, and gets clamped to the stem of the stand. Its good for storing things like pencils, erasers or even the wand (baton) that music conductor’s use.

Manhasset #2800 Accessory Box with hanger
List Price: $26.17
Price: $26.17
Price Disclaimer

Music Stand Accessories

What is a Music Stand?

It’s a equipment / music accessory that holds sheet music in a suitable position that makes it easy for the musician to read it while performing.

This music accessory has been in use for decades, but actually started becoming popular when the German composer’s popularity was on the rise, and people would see them using this accessory to hold their sheets.

Orchestral Music Stand

Various Types

Over the years, various types of music stands have been produced, keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of the performers, and also to make them suitable under various conditions.

Most modern type of stands are made of metal, they are lightweight, does the job and can be quite affordable. They can also be easily folded for easy transportation.

You also have the option of wooden stands, which can look quite elegant, are robust, and act as perfect furniture as well.

You also have option of smaller stands, also known as lyre that can be attached to the music instrument itself. You’ll find them commonly used in most marching bands.

The most recent addition to this list includes Digital music stands, which come with automated page turning feature, and is used by several professional musicians.

Music Stand vs Music Desk

So is there any difference between these, or are they the same?

Basically, any inclined surface that can be used for supporting music can be considered a music stand, but then a stand has a shaft that can be height-adjusted whereas a music desk has a tilt-able support for the music sheets, but rather than being raised on a stand, it forms part of a table.

A music desk is suited more in a classroom with several students where it may not be possible to have several music stands (space constraint). A desk can also be used for keeping books, and for reading or writing.

Perfect for Holding Sheets / Books

Sheet Music Stand

Serious musicians over the years can have lots of sheet music, books that has most of the songs that they have mastered. And many prefer to have the written music in front of their eyes while performing.

Music stands are the perfect accessories for such tasks.

There are many who even use these to keep their iPad or Laptop and refer to the digital format of the sheets while performing, especially at home or in the studio.

Varying Height

In terms of choices, though the basic structure of these music accessories are the same, depending on the musician and the musical instrument, these could have varying heights.

Though some of these height-adjustable certain musical instruments require the musician to be seated whereas certain others have to be performed in the standing position. So according the height also differs.

Varying Purposes

Acoustic Guitar Stand
Not all of these stands are meant to be used as sheet music stand. An instrument stand is available to rest your musical instrument, when you are not playing.

Keeping it inside a bag and removing it, every-time you want to play, can be cumbersome. So these stands are used to support or hang your instrument once you are done with your practice.

And every-time you feel like playing, just grab it from the stand and start playing!

Wooden Music Stand

Different Styles / Materials

Most music accessories are usually made of metal or wood, and the same choices are available in this case as well.

Metal and wooden music stands are quite popular.

Most beginners usually go in for metal ones as you do get more affordable options in this case. Wooden ones, on the other hand, can have better designs and are more elegant, and so it can be a bit expensive.

More Features

The major users of these music accessories include schools with a considerable music department and curriculum, symphonies & orchestras worldwide.

So what do the experienced performers look for in this accessory?

Here are the most desired features:

  • It needs to be lightweight, but sturdy and durable, and should be secure at any height
  • The better ones come with powder coated, textured finish that resists scratches
  • Smooth but heavy-duty chrome finish inner shaft that provides one-hand friction grip
  • Heavy-gauge, all-steel welded base provides excellent stability and requires minimum space on stage risers or in storage
  • Related Accessories / Parts

    If you go in for a good brand, then you’ll have no difficulty ordering the spare parts. Over time, if you want to replace any specific part, its quite easy to do so. Be it desks, shafts, bases, any hardware or fasteners, shaft-locks or table-locks, you can find any of these.

    You may also require a music stand lamp to attach it to the stand so that its easy to read the sheet when on stage.

    The better ones are attractive in design, and come with a bulb, lengthy cord, and a switch. It provides glare-free, full-width, audience-shielded illumination, most also come with dual clips for assured attachment.

    Some models provide space on the stand, particularly useful for conductors, to keep the baton or pencils/markers. However, you also have the option or going in for an Accessory Box that attaches to the stand, and provides you all the music storage that you need when performing.

    It attaches right below the music stand desk and can be easily attached or removed. Now you can conveniently store and access supplies and accessories such as pencils, valve oil, mouth pieces, rosin, cleaning supplies, reeds, etc. Some of these boxes also come with a built-in holder to keep your water bottle.

    How to Find one that Meets Your Needs

    Contrary to what you might feel, there are actually several options available when it comes to stands, and if you’re looking for a wooden one, you may also consider making one yourself, if you have some basic carpentry skills.

    Basically, rather than checking out some YouTube video or article recommending what the best music stand is, its better to look at all the options available and your criteria to help you make the appropriate buying decision.

    Few questions to ask would:

  • Do you want the cheapest one?
  • Do you want elegant looks?
  • Do you want a music desk or a stand?
  • How easy is it to change the height, can it be done with one hand?
  • Do you want colorful one, in case the users are going to be children?
  • Do you want a heavy-duty stand that can also be used for keeping laptop if need be?
  • what other accessories you need for this equipment? Are the spare parts easily available?
  • Final Words

    Now that you have seen the options and checked our top picks for the best music stand on the market, its up to you to pick what meets your needs, is in your price range, and helps you overall to perform your music better.

    As you know, new stands are being created all the time by new and old manufacturers. For that reason, the comparison chart above will be updated from time to time. If you feel we missed a superior music stand that needs to be included on the list, let me know in the comments below!

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