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Here are reviews of the best Music Stands available across various price ranges, and for different needs.

Sheet Music Stand

The Music Stand is a must-have accessory for musicians who’re serious about their music and spend a lot of time reading from sheets. Fortunately, you will find a great selection of Stands (various designs & types), available for beginners as well as the Professional Musician.

There are several choices when it comes to music stands, but then most ordinary (cheaper) stands do have some challenges when it comes to using them.

  • Tired of twisting the screws when mounting on a desk or adjusting its angle?
  • Have trouble with height adjustment?
  • Can’t get the right stand angle?

Here we have reviewed some top quality music stands that are designed to eliminate these problems.

Lots of choices
Most of these music stands are delivered in three pieces, which means you need to put them together. Its easy and quite intuitive and the instructions are also provided on how to assemble the music stand. Depending on which model you buy, you may require a pair of pliers and screw driver/s to assemble.

The ones available for beginners are basic, yet functional (usually made of metal) and cheaper. The ones available for professionals provide quiet, rattle-free operation, are durable, with lightweight desks. Most stands nowadays are lightweight, fold-able and designed in a compact manner for easy transport.

The better ones are solidly built and can have some weight to it, but are sturdy and stays put, even when used at the maximum height.

Take a look at these top Sheet Music Stands

Hercules BS311B EZ Clutch Music Stand

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Hercules BS311B EZ Clutch Music Stand

  • Pros: The Hercules Quik-N-EZ music stand is Strong & Sturdy, Easy to Height-Adjust, Easy to Assemble/dis-assemble, Good Brand. It folds up easily and is easy to carry around making it quite portable. Its built like a tank, so you can take it for gigs without worrying about its safety.
  • Cons: Simple looks, Heavier than what it looks like

Key Features of Hercules bs311b Quik-N-EZ: Frictioning EZ Angle Roller makes it easy to adjust the angle. EZ Retainer for quick mounting. Page Retainer. EZ Height Adjustment Grip

Hercules BS311B EZ Clutch Music Stand Review If you’re an experienced or professional musician, you’ll really like how easy it is to set this stand up and also to fold it back down, in case you have to take it around.

The legs can be adjusted in case you have less space on the stage or if you are placed near a wall where you’re cramped for space. The design is excellent, you really don’t even have to loosen/tighten anything, you just have to move them into position and it stays in place, courtesy the “clutch”.

It means you’ll need getting used to the new design, especially if you have been using the traditional metal stand which you height-adjust using one hand.

But then you’ll love the way this stand remains firm in place once positioned. No slipping or sinking under the weight of what you put on it.

This Hercules stand offer innovative solutions to all these problems, providing you with stands that are incredibly versatile, solidly built, stable, and easy to use. Overall, a great stand that is sturdy, well-designed & is easy to transport.

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On-Stage Wooden Music Stand

On-Stage Wooden Music Stand

The On-Stage SM7311W wooden music stand is inexpensive, robust stand with a wide solid wood bookplate with a Rosewood finish. You can use it to hold sheets while performing, and maybe a laptop in case you’re recording. Its a great stand for orchestra musicians and students, and the wood bookplate is indeed very attractive.

  • Pros: Strong, Sturdy & Stable. Keep Sheet or Laptop. Height and angle of the tilt of the bookplate is adjustable
  • Cons: Can look like laminated furniture

The height, as well as the angle of the tilt of the bookplate can easily be adjusted using the locking knobs. The angle adjustment tension system makes for easy removal from the upper shaft. The height adjustment can be varied from 24-45 inch, which is common for most of the stands from Onstage.

Compact & Sturdy
The folding tripod base makes it convenient for storage and travel. The base incorporates high impact plastic leg housing, friction locking knobs, leg support straps and non-slip rubber feet.

If you’re looking for features that any orchestra musician would require, then this is the one.

The tripod base can easily be folded for convenient storage and travel! Mind you it will still be a notch heaver than a metal one, but comparatively it becomes much more portable.

On-Stage Wooden Music Stand

Key features of On Stage SM7311W Music Stand: 13 1/2 x 19 inch Bookplate with 2 inch return lip. Tension locking knob to help adjust the angle of the bookplate. Mid-point clutch makes it easy to adjust the height (from 24-45 inch). High impact plastic leg housing for better support and grip. Tripod folding base for easy storage and travel. Cherry colored wood complements most furniture. Suitable for beginners & experienced musicians & teachers.

Overall, the music stand is not just beautiful, but is quite sturdy as well. So you need not worry about it falling over like the lightweight metal ones, just in case someone bumps on to it. Apart from the rugged construction, the bookplate features a rosewood finish, comes with plastic leg housing, and has non-slip rubber feet.

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On Stage SM7122B Folding Music Stand

On Stage SM7122B Folding Music Stand

On Stage SM7122B Folding Music Stand: Lightweight, inexpensive sheet music stand suitable for most beginners. Its price point appeals to most beginners who are learning to play a musical instrument. It may not be the best looking stand but its definitely functional and does the job of holding the sheets well.

It folds easily for better storage and portability, and is lightweight so children can move it around easily.

  • PROS: Affordable & Functional
  • CONS: Looks inexpensive, not suitable for holding huge sheet music books
  • Who is it for: Beginners. Group of musicians or music teacher who wants to buy multiple cheaper music stands.

Looking for a music stand for your child who’s learning to play a musical instrument? Or for your own self but don’t want to spend a lot? The SM7122B is a nice music stand that will definitely serve the purpose.

The American classic design folds for easy storage and portability with a spring-loaded trigger release. The two section vertical shaft with cam locking clutch and tilting book plate features make this stand adjustable for sitting or standing positions. The fold out extensions with a six point hinge system can hold three 8.5″ x 11″ sheets.

Experienced musicians may find it a little less sturdy, and it could wobble while turning the pages of a heavy sheet music/book. If you regularly intend to place an iPad on this sheet stand, you may want to consider heavier stands.


  • Adjustable tilting bookplate holds three 8.5 x 11-inch sheets
  • Fold out extensions hold sheets securely in place
  • Friction locking clutch adjusts height from 26-40″ for sitting or standing positions
  • Tripod leg assembly adjusts for varying floow space availability and folds flat for storage
  • Added leg braces and non-slip rubber feet for added stability

Built for the learning student, this stand is very light yet sturdy. Its relatively smaller in size and makes for easy storage. Perfect for those who’re learning to play any musical instrument.

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