Best Music Stand Lights: Play under controlled lighting

Best Music Stand Lights reviews: A music stand light is another music accessory that may be required if you are going to perform on stage; these ensure your music is visible. Most models also run on batteries while some models make use of two bulbs to provide a more uniform lighting. Music lights provide natural light when you’re performing in darker concert halls, sound pits (theater use) and even in open-air concerts. These are also perfect for aging eyes and for use in areas where there’s not adequate lighting. Skip to the best music stand light on Amazon.

Best Music Stand Lights

If you have bought a music stand and are going to use it only at home then probably you may not need this accessory but if you intend to perform for an audience then it makes sense to own this accessory.

You don’t want to be dependent on the guys at the venue to provide you this.

Here are reviews of some of the popular lights for music stands:

Mighty Bright Duet 2 LED Music Light
This light comes with four different light level options, and dual flexible arms that gives you more options to focus the lights on the sheets. Easily bends to a compact size for storage. Powered by included AC adapter (110-240 volts) or 3 AAA.

Mighty Bright 51810 Duet2 Music Light
List Price: $32.22
Price: $32.22
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Mighty Bright Orchestra Light, with Adapter and Bag
These Mighty Bright Orchestra Light clip firmly to your music stand, providing an even spread of clear light across your music. They can also sit on a flat surface and be used for other purposes, such as on a desk or the area in front of your guitar rig’s pedalboard.

Music Stand Lights: Why Do You Need It?

Depending on the venue and your act, it may be required that only the area where you are performing on the stage has to be lit.

Even otherwise to avoid distraction, the areas where the audience is seated are blacked out and only the stage is lit.

So all eyes are only on the performing musicians!

Music Stand Light

A Music stand light clamps easily to the music stand so that you and other musicians can read the sheet music even if there is not sufficient light around.

The fact that music stand lamps are portable, you can use it for other purposes too. For instance reading a book! You can attach it to a book, choose the appropriate brightness level, lie down on your bed and read.

Music Stand Light

Music Stand Light Bulbs

For the past several years you would get only the stand lamps with the long incandescent bulb. The problems with some of them were that it gets quite hot and the bulbs would burn out more frequently. Another thing was that they consumed lot of power so it was not possible to run them on batteries.

All that is gradually changing as you have better choices now.

Recent music stand lamps are much more flexible. The LED design comes with different brightness settings. They are lighter and cooler to touch so burns out far less frequently. So definitely saves you money over the long run. More importantly you can run them on batteries or even through the AC adapter.

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More Designs & Shapes

Most of these lamps are made using wrought iron or steel to help them maintain their balance. These are also available in beautiful designs to complement the ambiance. You may choose from a traditional or a contemporary design as per your tastes.

Some designs come with an adjustable arm (rather than a clip) that can be used to position the overhead lamp in a manner that throws the best light on the music sheets.

There are music stand lamps that come with dual heads as well, each of which is flexible and can be turned around. The ability to turn the heads gives you more control over the light as you can direct them to the appropriate areas of the sheet music to make it brighter.

To Conclude

Music stand lamps offer optimum lighting (some models give you the ability to adjust the brightness) so that you can easily read the musical notes without having to strain your eyes. You may choose from a variety of lights to suit your music stand, as well as your needs. So if you intend to play for an audience you might want to get yourself a music stand light. Most merchants throw in a free adapter and bag also.

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