Music Stand Trays: Accessory shelf / tray to keep things handy near your music stand

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Music Stand Accessory Shelf / Tray: No doubt the music stand is a useful tool to have to hold your sheet music, but at times, you wish the stand had a shelf which could hold things like pencils/markers. The solution to this problem is to buy a music stand that comes with a shelf or to buy a separate accessory shelf or Tray that can be attached to the music stand and can be used to keep handy things.

Why Use Music Stand Trays

A music stand shelf (also known as music stand tray or accessory tray) offers the prefect solution to remove the clutter from around the music stand, and provides you with space to keep the frequently used music accessories within reach.

You can use this tray to hold reed case, tools, water container or tuners – items that need to be kept within easy reach.

Want an extra shelf to keep things like pen/pencil, markers, glasses, etc? A music accessory/tray really helps.

Attaching a Tray to Your Music Stand

Music stand trays are usually attached to the music stand tube by a clamp-on holder. The opening on the side allows for quick and easy mounting, whilst a cap on the screw protects against marks being made by the holder.

Best Music Stand Trays

No matter what music instrument you play, its also convenient to have a place to set your bow, rosin or personal stuff, and that’s what a tray does.

Here are some of the options available to you, inc ase you’re looking for a tray (shelf) for your music stand.

Manhasset 100 Accessory Shelf

Manhasset 1100 Accessory Shelf The Manhasset 100 Accessory Shelf works with most music stands. This accessory shelf is an excellent little shelf for such things. This music stand tray is 16 inches long, reduces the clutter, and is easier to turn the sheet pages, without having to worry about these small things falling down.

Pros: Clever solution for keeping pencils, markers, rosin, tuners and even stand light
Cons: Made of plastic, few users wished that the accessory shelf was just a little deeper.

You may want a music stand shelf for several reasons, even though every stand comes with one. Some prefer a bigger one, some want placeholders to keep pencils or the wand, others are just looking for a replacement if the existing stand shelf is broken.

StandPartner Music Stand Accessory Tray

Manhasset 1100 Accessory Shelf StandPartner music stand accessory tray is made from solid American Walnut and is quite popular in North America (especially with double reed and flute players). The tray provides handy space to keep all your useful stuff. Its easy to set it up, thanks to its easy clamping system. No need to remove any knobs. And it fits most major manufactured music stands. The music tray is handcrafted by a musician/woodworker with over 3 decades of experience in designing and building music accessories.

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