Music Production Links Resources

Here are some excellent Electronic Music Production Links & Websites: Find useful tips and resources related to recording equipment, editing & production.

Music Production Links Resources

Learning Music production can take time and their is a steep learning curve. Here are some cool resources to help you become an amazing music producer. Enjoy!

Complete resource on digital pianos, keyboard controllers, synthesizers & workstations. Complete resource on electric guitars, amplifiers, music theory & music performance.

Audio Tuts Plus

Audio and production tutorials from beginners to advanced.

MIT Open Courseware

Free music courses online from Jazz Orchestration, to Composing with Computers, to Music of Africa. Other colleges and universities like Stanford, UC Berkeley, and the Open University ( have similar initiatives.


For both Mac and PC, Digidesgin has a free version of their acclaimed audio/midi sequencer available for free download, no strings attached. 8 Audio and 48 Miditracks!

War Beats

Geared more towards FL studio, but regardless of the DAW you use, there’s something to be learned and a great community to help you.

Beatlesnumber9, a Super Beatles Site The most complete Beatles fansite on the net, and getting better all the time! For the latest Beatles news, Beatles biographies, interviews, audio/video clips, tributes, midis and much more.

SoundChew is on a Mission to provide exposure for music professionals and music artists with affordable publicity and exposure for artists (in Rock/Pop, Rap/Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Gospel, Reggae and Reggaeton) who are trying to reach their fans.

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