How to create your own user tone on a music keyboard using the Synthesizer Mode

Use your music keyboard to create a distinct user tone. Learn how to use the synthesizer mode to control various parameters and create a unique sound.

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Though brands like Casio are not popular for making high-end pro synthesizers, it does provide a synthesizer mode on most of its music keyboards to help you create your own unique sounds.

It is a great tool to help you learn the intricacies of synthesizers, and also demonstrates how to use it to create your own music.

The Casio wk series keyboards are high-quality, and in specific the flagship products like wk-6600 is a real value-for-money synthesizer keyboard that advanced users will love to have.

The features that the wk-6600 keyboard has matches some of the best Synth keyboards from other brands, but is available at the fraction of the cost.

How to Create a User Tone?

Here are the steps to follow while using the synthesizer mode on casio music keyboards, to create a unique user tone.

Choose a Preset Tone

You begin by choosing one of the preset tones on casio music keyboards. Select a tone that resembles somewhat to the tone that you want to create, and change its parameters to create your own original sound.

The Main Parameters

These parameters control how the tone changes over time, from the moment you press the keyboard key until the tone decays when you leave it.

Attack Time – Time for the tone to reach its highest volume level.

Release Time – Time for the tone volume to fall to zero.

Cut-off frequency – Adjust timbre by cutting any frequency that is higher than a specific frequency.

Resonance – Enhances the harmonic components in the vicinity of the cut-off frequency.

Saving the User Tone

In addition to the above, you can set additional tone characteristic parameters like touch sensitivity, reverb, chorus, DSP, modulation, vibrato effect, etc. to give a unique shape to your sound.

Once you are happy with the tone you just created, click on the appropriate button to save all the settings for your new user-tone.

Once your tone is saved in memory, you can select and use it using the same method that you use to select a preset tone on your casio music-keyboard.

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