Music in the Medieval West (Western Music in Context: A Norton History)

by Margot Fassler, Walter Frisch (Editor).

This book is primarily aimed at students, but will also appeal to those who have finished schooling. The book covers over 1000 years of music, covers music and musicians both well-known and obscure. The author does a wonderful job of relating music to social and political developments during the middle ages.

Margot Fassler’s Music in the Medieval West dwells on the repertoire of the Middle Ages by drawing on a wide range of sources. In addition to highlighting the ceremonial and dramatic functions of medieval music (both sacred and secular), she pays special attention to the exchange of musical ideas, the development of musical notation and other methods of transmission, and the role of women in musical culture.

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Western Music in Context: A Norton History comprises six volumes of moderate length, each written in an engaging style by a recognized expert. The series examines music in the broadest sense—as sounds notated, performed, and heard—focusing not only on composers and works, but also on broader social and intellectual currents.

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