Music Gear Trends: Electronic Music Gear Sales is Booming

Music Gear Trends: Electronic music gear sales is booming, and of the lot, Analog Instruments is leading the way.

Although several acoustic and folk musical instruments are making a resurgence, according to a recent NAMM report, its the sales of electronic music gear that is booming.

And one of the reasons for the spurt in sales is that the new generation of players/musicians love to work with ‘knobs, faders and other features’ (and less with digital displays and computer interfaces.)

“Players are realizing that an analog synth is much more of a real, honest-to-goodness musical instrument,” says Dave Smith, founder of San Francisco-based Dave Smith Instruments.

Top synth makers nowadays emphasize more on the usability and musicality aspects, in order to break any sort of barrier between the person and the machine. Difficult and complicated systems are out, and dedicated gear that focus on limited functionally is finding acceptance.

Another reason for the increased interest in analog gear is the availability of these gear at prices that most musicians can afford.

The NAMM Global Report identifies music products, industry trends and opportunities for businesses.

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