Multi Track Recorder: Buying Guide

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How to Choose the Best Multi Track Recorder?

We have discussed the most common method of recording music, including audio, and that is using your computer and an audio interface. This is what most setup comprises of, especially if you have a home based recording studio. But then that is not the only way to do it and a lot of professionals use another equipment which is known as the Multi Track Recorder (MTR).

Multitrack Recorders

What is MTR & How Does it Help

It’s a stand-alone equipment with a built-in recorder and mixer which allows you to record all your tracks on it. And where do you store the tracks? Depending on the MTR you choose, you get various options to save the data such as on cassette, hard disk, minidisk, or smart media.

We all have got so used to using computers that over time we tend to ignore issues that we frequently get while using them. Computer crashes, things not working because of driver issues, computer slowing down because of insufficient RAM, are some of the common issues you would regularly face on a computer.

A Multi-Track Recorder solves that problem. It is a piece of hardware where all the things you need are integrated in one piece of equipment. You get real faders and knobs which makes it quite easy to use them, as opposed to using them on a software program using a mouse.

All these features make it quite portable; you can take it anywhere and set it up instantly. You also need fewer cables, which also mean you have lesser problems to deal with.

Useful features on a Multitrack recorder:

  • Record multiple tracks simultaneously
  • Built-in Audio interface
  • Serves as Control surface for all major DAW functions
  • Built-in microphones
  • Versatile inputs for musical instruments like guitars, mics, and line sources
  • DSP effects including guitar amp simulations
  • Tuner and metronome onboard
  • Supports SDHC cards, USB
  • Master track for final mix

Recommended Multi-Track Recorders

Here are some popular choices of digital multi-track Recorders.

Any Limitations of Multi-Track Recorders?

It depends on the model you choose. The basic model will give only the features mentioned above but a top of the line one will give you a lot more.

The more expensive ones have a built-in CD burner; they let you connect a bigger monitor in case you’re not comfortable using the small display and so on.

You won’t be able to use the tons of software based sounds, effects and editors unless you also have a computer on your setup.

Multi Track Recorder
Go pro with a 24-channel hard-disk multitracker, or go portable with a hand-held flash media recorder. You’ll find the multitrack recorder to fit your budget & needs.
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To Conclude

Most recent multitrack recorders feature XLR or 1/4″ inputs, several tracks of playback, onboard effects, drum machine with trigger pads, USB audio interface and surface controller features. Depending on the offer, it might also come bundled with a sequencing software program.

So there definitely are scenarios where an MTR would fit in well. If you don’t have a recording setup yet and wish to record a few tracks and overdub vocals, then you should probably consider using a multi-track recorder.

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