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Find the most popular Mozart piano music songs, available both in MP3 as well as CD format.

Best of Mozart Music

If you have been thinking of building a collection of some of Mozart’s greatest works, be it for music appreciation or just for relaxation, you may go through some of the recommendations listed here.

Here is a collection of some of Mozart’s most popular CDs.

Mozart Edition: Complete Works (170 CD Box Set)

Performer: Bruce Abel, Christian Tchelebiev, Christof Fischesser, Ezio Maria Tisi, Gottfried Hornik, et al.
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This is a value for money pack. It has excellent sound and a lot of good performances. Basically, no real disappointments in an enjoyable bargain set.

Some of the performers are famous, some are unheard of, but still excellent. You will also find the likes of Jerry Hadleys, Colin Davis, Gil Sharon and Barbara Hendricks here and there which is a pleasant surprise. A fabulous buy, there is a universe of fine works here, enjoy the immense volume of Mozart’s work contained in this set.

Mozart: The Violin Sonatas Box set

Mozart: The Violin Sonatas
Price: $26.52
Price Disclaimer

Performers: Daniel Barenboim (Performer), Itzhak Perlman (Performer)

Mozart’s sonatas for piano and violin in this compilation are sympathetically played, reveals a strong degree of musical symbiosis between Daniel Barenboim and Itzhak Perlman. This recording features two of classical music’s brightest stars.

Recording quality is good, every piece is played beautifully, and the end result is “easy listening” for you.

If you want music that is played with heart and soul at a “reasonable price”, you need to get this box set.

Mozart: The Piano Sonatas [5 CDs BOX SET]

Mozart: The Piano Sonatas (5 CDs)
List Price: $28.49
Price: $28.49
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Performer: Mitsuko Uchida

Mitsuko Uchida is the nightingale of piano, a wonderful interpreter of Mozart. And the Philips recording is great.

This set contains the most wonderful music ever written, played beautifully by a true artist. One highlight of this set being Mitsuko Uchida’s stunning interpretation of Mozart’s piano sonatas and variations.

Mozart: String Quartets (Complete Mozart Edition)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer), Franco Rossi (Performer), Piero Farulli (Performer), Elisa Pegreffi (Performer), Paolo Borciani (Performer)

This is a great addition to anyone’s Mozart collection. Performances are passionate and simply beautiful. This is a compilation of recordings made by the famous Quartetto Italiano over a period of several years.

An absolute gem for any Classical music collector who loves Mozart. Flawlessly performed and great recording. This box set is a fantastic addition to anyone’s Mozart collection. Performances are passionate and simply beautiful.

Mozart: Complete String Quartets and Quintets (The VoxBox Edition)

Performers: Barchet Quartet & Emil Kessinger

Over 10 hours of music (110 pieces), wonderful collection.

These quartets are more mature works and include the well known “Hunt” and “Dissonance” quartets. The sound is fuller and richer. The performances and sound quality are very acceptable. The price is very attractive and the music can be stored or downloaded from the cloud.

And you don’t have to be a Mozart fanatic to enjoy this album.

Mozart: Organ Sonatas & Solos
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer), Helmut Winschermann (Conductor), German Bach Soloists (Performer), Daniel Chorzempa (Performer)

For those of you who love listening to the organ! Music by the Master.

Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 9 & 27
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer), Andras Ligeti (Conductor), Concentus Hungaricus (Orchestra), Jeno Jando (Performer)

The Ninth Concerto is the first of Mozart’s "great" piano concertos, and it begins in a way he was never to repeat: the piano answers the orchestra’s opening phrase immediately, before the orchestra presents the first movement’s thematic material alone, as was Mozart’s later practice. The 27th Concerto is the last, and, though Mozart couldn’t have known it, the music exudes a uniquely Romantic melancholy. A clever and enjoyable pairing!

Mozart Music Samples / Videos

Mozart – Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major:

W. A. Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A major:

About Mozart

In an age where electronic music, rock music & other contemporary forms of music is everywhere around us, it would seem that Mozart’s piano music might have faded into oblivion. Even if it has not, most feel that Mozart’s music is boring and some also think that its predictable.

However, the reality seems to be a bit different.

Mozart has done a phenomenal amount of work, as a composer, throughout his life. He had written his first symphony when he was just eight years old.

He was one of the most prolific composers of the Classical era and his works continue to be an integral part of the curriculum of many music courses even today. His music still continues to be used as background scores for many movies and television shows.

Several studies also prove that Mozart’s music has a positive impact on the intellectual development of a child. Checkout Mozart: Piano Music for the Brain.

Mozart Piano Music

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