Motion Sound Keyboard Amp – Things You Need To Know

Motion Sound Keyboard Amp! Some of the best keyboard amps in business!

Motion Sound Keyboard Amp

Motion Sound keyboard amplifiers produce some of the best keyboard amps, giving all pro-features in one box. No wonder, these amps fall in the high price range.

Well known artists around the world endorse MOTION SOUND keyboard amplifiers. The list of users includes artists like Dave Matthews, Dwight Yoakam, Steve Winwood, and Coco Montoya to name a few. The most recent addition to this list is the world-renowned jazz organist Joey DeFrancesco.

Though this brand is still relatively unknown, Motion Sound Keyboard Amps are among the best! These keyboard amps provide ‘professional level’ sound quality, give you complete control over all the sound changing parameters, and are rugged built for the road.

Various Products

Motion Sound KBR-3D Keyboard Amplifier

Motion Sound KBR3D Keyboard Amplifier
The KBR3D is an expensive amp but then you don’t get a better one than this. This amplifier can connect multiple keyboards and even mixing boards. Its other features include normal and enhanced stereo, a real rotating horn channel that can stand alone, and a clean, loud, powerful sound.

I can understand why many professional use the Motion Sound KBR3D amp. No one produces the Leslie sound that is very close to a real Leslie, as this amp does. Take any cheap organ and pass it through the Leslie simulating channel. You will think it is somebody playing from one of the 60’s rock album. The Motion Sound KBR3D Keyboard Amp is totally worth the amount.

Though the Motion Sound KBR3D keyboard amp is one of the best, it can take some effort to set up and to get the best out of it. On its own, this amp can’t keep up when the band volumes increase, and if you have to send it through a PA, you have to set it up (You need to use four different mics to make it work like a real Leslie).

But Motion Sound KBR3D are durable and sturdy. The XLR outs work great with the built in mics and simulated rotor. I use a Nord Electro and a Roland RD700 nx, yes the clean channels could be a bit louder but if I’m playing my piano or accordion that loud then our stage volume is way too loud. I just sent the thing for service and cleaned it all up, it sounds as great as the day I bought it. I always send a signal to the PA no matter how small the club is just to enhance the stereo effect. I will never part with this thing.

Motion Sound KP200S Keyboard Amplifier
The KP-200S (200-watt stereo combo amp) provides true stereo amplification for Keyboards, sound modules, and all quality sound sources in a modern rugged single cabinet design. Its designed specially for the new stereo keyboards of today.

200-watt is suited for larger venues and its angled cabinet projects and dramatically widens the stereo keyboard sound, which can be enhanced further utilizing our proprietary 3D expander control, creating an incredible sonic experience for audiences in medium rooms and live venues.

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