Moog Synth Keyboards – Review of Moog Synthesizers

Moog’s classic analog synths have been used on countless recordings over the years. Their endearing analog sound and unique sonic capabilities make them popular instruments even today. Checkout Moog’s modular and semi-modular synthesizers, MoogerFooger effects pedal range, and more.

Review of Moog Synth Keyboards. Read more on Moog Synthesizers like the Voyager, Prodigy, Little Phatty, and other analog synths, and why these are still so popular.

Moog Synth Synthesizer

Moog – Early Days

Manufactured and designed by Dr Robert Moog or Moog music, Moog synthesizers are referred to analog synthesizers. These are usually used as a general terminology for analog and digital synthesizers.

The company established these voltage controlled analog synthesizers systems in 1950, while the principle behind Moogs prototype is the use of “Voltage-Controlled Electronic Music Modules. The formation of these synthesizers was the result of invention of transistors, as they lead Moog to develop these music systems which one can buy at cheaper rates and which were much more reliable and smaller than old vacuum tube based systems.

Moog Little Phatty Stage Synthesizer for Producers, Touring Musicians and DJs

Moog Little Phatty Stage Synthesizer

Analog signal path, rugged construction, intuitive user interface, USB and Control Voltage functionality makes the Moog Little Phatty a must-have gear for producers, touring musicians and DJs, read more…

Moog Synth Popularity

Moog synthesizers became popular when they were first exhibited at Monterey International pop festival in 1967. Wendy Carlos’s recording of Switched-on batch in 1968 was a sensation and became the highest selling classical music ever of those times, it was then that Moog recording became a hit.

With the advent of Kraftwerk’s album Autobahn in 1974, the sound of synthesizers became further universalized, and used many types of synthesizers including Minimoog. Germany – based Italian Composer Giorgio Moroder contributed in shaping the development of Disco Music.

Later on many other improved features were added like self contained musical, scaled down, and simplified which are specifically designed instruments used in live performances. Leading rock band groups such as Yes and tangerine Dream took up Minimoog which became a hit out of all the monophonic synthesizers in the 1970s.

Moog Synthesizer Keyboards

Envisioned and perfected by Robert Moog in 1964, the original Moog synthesizer made use of a keyboard that allowed the user to simulate a number of different sounds.

In the earliest models, it was a painstaking process to adapt the device for each type of sound desired by the user. However, as technology advanced, the process of programming the Moog synthesizer for a wide range of sounds became easier. The design and sound of the Moog has influenced virtually every synthesizer since its introduction.

Moog Minimoog Synthesizer

Minimoog vs Minimoog Voyager

What Musicians Like?

Some musicians feel that Moog synths are expensive and a few experienced music producers do believe that they can get a similar sound by intelligently using EQ on a high end pre filter, but then it’s a fact that since the 70’s, these synths have captured the imagination of musicians.

These sound beautiful, and the various sounds more often than not get used in most music production work. Many musicians have even been building their own Moogs.

Most musicians like the ambient textures/drones, complex bass sequences, modern lead sounds, synths, acid basslines, 80s basses/leads, etc.

Though as a music producer, the choice of gear would definitely depend on whatever you are comfortable with, but then most VSTs/effects that try to emulate the Moog don’t get close enough to the original sound.

Besides, another reason for the fascination towards Moog is the capability to create your own sounds with your own hands using the large knobs available to you.

The Moog sound still continues to be in demand. With original Minimoogs fetching high prices and the Little Phatty’s popularity, it looks like Moogs will be around for the next many many years to come.

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