Mobile DJ Equipment

Mobile DJ Equipment that You Need for Your Gigs

If you are a mobile DJ who hops on from one gig to another, you should definitely try to travel lightweight and go only for the essential DJ equipment. Most of the time though, the type of mobile DJ service that you run and the gig you are going to perform determines the extras that you need to carry along.

Basically, you’ll need Mixing Equipment, Amps and Speakers, & DJ Lighting Effects.

Portable Disc Jockey Mixing Equipment

Behringer DX626 Pro DJ Mixer Behringer DX626 Pro DJ Mixer
Basic gear that one needs pretty much falls into both categories. First, you need, at minimum, a 3 channel mixer. Behringer DX626 Pro DJ Mixer is one example where you have one line dedicated just for your mic and two audio sources, whether it be through laptop, CDs, or whatever. This unit even has a BPM counter for smooth connections between songs.

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 USB DJ Controller with Audio Interface and Trigger Pads Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 USB DJ Controller with Audio Interface and Trigger Pads
These days, some mobile DJ services are going more digital. Bringing their entire music collection via laptop or iPod. You get everything you need to DJ with your computer: hot cues, looping, and effects controls, a built-in professional DJ audio interface, plus Serato DJ Intro software. You get full control over the music with real time scratching capability and you can change the tempo without any change to the pitch of the audio source.

ADJ Mega Fat Tri Pak Plus Stage Lighting SystemADJ Mega Fat Tri Pak Plus Stage Lighting System
The American DJ Mega Tripar Profile Plus is suitable for uplighting and stage lighting. With everything you need to get full lighting coverage in one portable case, this lighting pack from American DJ is great for the mobile performer.

ADJ Mega Fat Tri Pak Plus Stage Lighting SystemADJ Zipper Effect Light
The ADJ Zipper lights is an ideal lighting effect for any mobile entertainer, you can light up any venue with beams that sweep across the floor. With 16 built-in shows, it’s got enough variety to suit any event or occasion.

Peavey Xr 8300 / Pr 15 Pa Package
Some places offer amp and speaker packages which I find is not only a good option money-wise but sound-wise, too. It takes the guesswork out of making sure you have enough power for the speakers, or sometimes vice versa. Most of these packages actually come with a powered mixer. But better to use a separate mixer for the audio and run the mic through the powered mixer, which works better if you are working with a partner for a gig. Peavey XR 8300 / PR 15 PA Package is one such package. And it includes the mics you need as well.

These equipment should serve any DJ well, but you still need to promote your disc jockey business, you have to let people know that you’re there. Also, its important to remember that you should invest in yourself, to get the maximum returns. Take care of your voice; a sore throat or loss of voice could mean loss of gig. Also, keep yourself up to date on the latest trends, music charts, dances, etc.

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