Midi Guitar Gear: Connect Your Guitar to Computer with Ease

Connect Your Guitar to Computer with Ease

Midi Guitar Gear – Various ways in which you can connect your guitar to a computer and start recording midi to be used in the various software / sequencers.

Here we will talk about how a guitar can send MIDI messages that can be then used to drive other sounds, and also work with software on a computer.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) is used a lot with keyboards, synths, sound modules and other digital instruments, but now it is also becoming popular with guitars, with several new bands experimenting with newer sounds.

How Does This Help a Guitarist?

With a properly outfitted guitar, the guitarist can now access several effects and sounds that is available in the midi equipment or the computer.

How Does the Connection Work?

You will need a pickup / converter to do this task of connecting your guitar to a MIDI sound generator.

You can use a universal MIDI guitar unit that requires no installation but is limited to a single note at a time, or you can install a MIDI guitar pickup that is installed under the strings and can track multiple notes at once.

This is how most midi systems work, though some of them may vary a little.

Once the setup is done, the audio signal from the guitar will be send as MIDI messages to the sound module / effects processor / computer.

More MIDI Gear

Every guitar student after playing the guitar for some time feels the itch to create their own music. And what is better than doing it on a computer.

Here are some more midi gear that will help you get your guitar sounds on a computer, especially in midi format.

midi guitar pickups

MIDI Guitar Modules / Synthesizer

These are synth modules (pedals) for your guitar or bass which you can operate with your feet. Has MIDI output. Found in most studio setups and used even while performing on stage.

midi guitar pickups

Guitar to MIDI Converter / USB Guitar Cable

This converter easily connects to your guitar like any pedal or tuner and allows you to use your guitar as a solo MIDI guitar.

midi guitar pickups

MIDI Guitar Pickups

These easily attach to any steel-stringed electric and delivers performance data to guitar synthesizers which then outputs the midi data.

MIDI Electric Guitars

Electric / Digital guitar that provides MIDI output

To Conclude

Sooner or later, you will reach a stage where you would want to experiment with more / better sounds, and do a lot more with your music, than just playing the guitar. This is where guitar synths and the other midi modules will come in handy, to help you emulate various sounds and to interface with your computer for digital recording. With Midi guitar gear, things indeed start getting exciting.

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