Manhasset Floor Protectors: Useful Accessory to Protect the Flooring from Stains/Marks

manhasset floor protectors

Manhasset 1700 Model Floor Protectors, a useful music stand accessory to protect the flooring from any kind of marks. Use these floor protectors to prevent those expensive to repair scratches, marks and gouges to wood or tile floors. These are designed to fit the Manhasset music stands. See PRICE on Amazon

Manhasset Floor Protectors: Review

If you practice playing your instrument in the basement or in the garage, then you may not probably be much concerned about maintaining the decor around. However, most performance venues are quite particular about the looks, want everything spic-and-span, and would definitely not entertain any sort of stains/marks on the flooring because of the music stand. That is where floor protectors come in handy.

These floor protectors fit Manhasset music stand and prevent scratches, marks and gouges to wood or tile floors. Each vinyl protector slips easily onto the base “toes” and stay firmly in place to prevent any unnecessary scratching of floor surfaces.

Excellent for use in gymnasiums, on stages, churches or anywhere floors need to be protected from stand use.

Do You Really Need These?

Manhasset music stands are sturdy stands and some of their models do have a harsh metal feet at the base, which means you have to be careful on hardwood or tile floors while using them.

Its also common to move around the music stand, at home, which means you have to be careful to protect against nicks in walls or furniture when moving your music stand. That is why it makes complete sense to use these Floor Protectors.

Manhasset 1700 Model Floor Protectors, Music Stand Accessory
List Price: $7.38
Price: $6.81
You Save: $0.57
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Features / Specs


  • Available as set of 3
  • Must-have for hardwood or tile floors
  • Works on all standard Manhasset bases.

With this music stand accessory, you don’t have to worry about scratching the wooden floor. These are easy to use and quite reasonably priced.

Buying Links & Pricing

Not only are the Manhasset Floor Protectors excellent for protecting the floors, it also provides a little extra grip on a smooth surface and helps it stay in place. At times I wonder, why is this not included with the stand itself. Nevertheless, a useful accessory for your music stand.

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