Mackie Mixers: Review of their Best Audio Mixers

Mackie mixers are commonly used by recording engineers and music producers in recording studios and stage floors. Mackie Mixers deliver high quality audio and has all the features you need to create that pristine mix. Whatever be the application, Mackie has the perfect recording mixer for your need.

Best Mackie Recording Mixers

Whether you’re a budding amateur with a home setup, or an experienced professional, whether you’re looking for a compact 8-channel recording mixer, or a massive 32-channel mixer, Mackie has it in its catalog.

Every recording studio / recording engineer needs a top-quality recording mixer, in order to produce a finished product that is worthy of sharing to the world. Thankfully, Mackie mixers won’t let you down.

Mackie also manufactures exceptional DJ mixers.

Mackie ProFX12 Professional Compact Mixer

Gig-ready, professional, compact, and great option for small to mid-size performance venues. Its a 12-channel console with 32-bit onboard effects, six XLR mic preamps, a direct input for guitar or bass, graphic EQ, and USB stereo I/O.

Mackie Onyx 24.4 Mixer

Size is not an issue? Mackie Onyx 24 Mixer is the answer. The mid-sized Onyx 24.4 Premium live sound mixer has 24 channels, is built tough, and has amazingly accurate controls. 24 Onyx mic preamps, Perkins EQ, and comfortable 100 mm faders.

About Mackie Mixers

Sound Mixing is an art, and even if you’ve mastered the art, you need the right gear to let you bring your strongest skills to the forefront. Mackie mixers let you do that, and that is why you see them in the world’s top recording studios and stage floors.

Compact yet rock-sturdy, delivers high quality audio that is crisp-and-clean, Mackie Mixers, with FireWire and USB integration, are perfect for your audio needs. The latest Mackie Sound mixers come with an iPad controller that allows you to control the mix in real time wherever you are at the venue.

Mackie offers a range of ruggedly built consoles that can be used by amateurs as well as by experienced professionals. From compact 8-channel recording mixers to massive 32-channel monsters, Mackie has the right recording mixer for your needs.

Mackie also manufactures exceptional DJ mixers, with studio-like sound and tons of flexibility, that will let you keep the dance floor pulsing deep into the night.

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