M-Audio SP-2: Universal, sustain pedal

The M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal is a quality product available for a good price, and perfect for those who want a realistic pedal. Designed to work and feel just like an acoustic piano’s sustain pedal, it has specially designed rubber bottom that grips the floor and stays put as you play.

M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal: Pros & Cons

If you research all the foot pedals available on leading sites, M-Audio the SP2 is ranked head and shoulders above other similar models. It’s cheaper as well, compared to some 3-pedal units (which look good but are not durable).

  • PROS: Its universal – works with most digital keyboards & pianos. Sturdily built, good grip on the floor.
  • CONS: No half-pedaling

Who Is It For?
For serious piano students. For all those who have a box style pedal and wish to upgrade to a better pedal. Its suitable for all kinds of piano players (although some may prefer a 3-pedal unit).

M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal: Review

This is a great universal pedal that works with almost all keyboards and pianos. The build quality is good and it is heavy, doesn’t feel like some cheap stuff that is available in the market, especially the ones that you get bundled when you buy a keyboard.

The SUS-2 uses a simple 1/4″ plug for the connection. Nice long sustain, smooth fade-out on release. Works perfectly, looks good, feels right.

Note: Besides the normal universal sustain pedal, you also get the M-Audio SP-Dual Electronic Keyboard Pedal with Sustain and Soft Functions (dual pedal functions), and the M-Audio SP-Triple Electronic Keyboard Pedal with Sustain, Soft, and Sostenuto Functions (triple pedal functions)

Nice feel & looks
The “M-Audio SUS-2 Universal Sustain Pedal” has a nice feel, the spring feels natural (compared to some acoustic pianos). The chrome shaped pedal also looks nice (compared to a square, plastic pedal).

No half-pedaling
It doesn’t support half-pedaling; unless its a big issue for you, this should work fine for you as well. There are lot of piano players who are not even aware of the term “half-pedaling” (not being sarcastic here); they have been taught by their teachers to either use it or not use it. With half-pedaling, you can control the amount of sustain that you want to apply. However, it seems most players never use this feature!

m-audio sp-2 sustain pedal

Comes with a Polarity Switch
This one does come with a POLARITY SWITCH (located on the bottom sole plate), which means it will work with ANY type/brand of electronic keyboard with a 1/4″ pedal jack (on some keyboards, the pedal jack is named the “damper”).

If you use it and the action is reversed (sustains while not pressed and stops when pressed), just change the polarity switch and should work fine. If you have a Yamaha DGX-660, just hold the foot pedal down while turning the piano on. It does the same thing.

Nice feel to It
It does take a fair amount of effort to depress the pedal, just as on a “real” piano, so these guys have got the “feel” just right.

The foot-push feel of the M-Audio SP-2 is great; you can feel it even when you are wearing your shoes.

Good Grip on the Floor
Even though most homes have flooring that is carpeted and such external pedals are able to get a good grip on the floor, but even otherwise these pedals will stay put on the floor.

The pedal is solid, doesn’t squeak and doesn’t move sideways, something that is common with the cheaper, box style pedals. The bottom is non-skid, and the pedal is very heavy for it’s size.

In case, you experience the pedal moving sideways, just wipe the floor and the bottom of the pedal. Once cleaned, these stay solidly put. It there‚Äôs dust on the floor (or the pedal base) it may slide. Just wipe the floor and pedal base with a damp rag, and it won’t budge.

There are some who use a heavy object (dumbbells) to keep the foot pedal in place.

Connecting is Easy
There’s no problem connecting the M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal to most Casio & Yamaha keyboards; this being a universal piano pedal it works perfectly fine with most keyboards.

Perfect for Large Shoes
You wear large shoes? No problem, as at 10.5-inches these won’t falter even under the largest of shoes.

You can use the SP2 at home or even in the concert hall. This full size piano pedal is heavy and has a good grip — stays put even without the non slide bottoms. You don’t have to fumble around for your foot pedal again (quite common with the smaller, cheaper, box type ones).

Comes with a Plastic Cover
Because this pedal is chrome plated, they provide a plastic cover (opaque white color) to avoid any scratches. Perfect for that recital, where you can show off that shiny chrome plating! At home, you may or may-not use the cover, though it doesn’t look bad even with the cover in place.

Feels Like the Real Deal
It has a realistic piano style action, it feels like you’re pedaling on real piano. (its just an on/off switch, so half-sustain is not possible). Plugs right in and works easily.

Stays Put
What I like about this pedal is the realistic piano style action, it feels like you’re pedaling on real piano. (its just an on/off switch, so half-sustain is not possible). It has a great feel, the spring is strong and the platform is very stable.

M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal: Demo / Video Review

Here’s video review of this piano pedal:

M-Audio SP-2 Pedal: Specs

Here are the key features of the M-audio keyboard pedal.

  • High-quality chrome foot pedal
  • Classic design
  • Piano style sustain pedal for use with any electronic keyboard
  • Feels just like an acoustic piano’s sustain pedal
  • Specially designed rubber bottom firmly grips the floor as you play
  • Includes 6-foot cable with 1/4-inch jack
  • 1-year warranty

m-audio electronic keyboard pedals
M-Audio electronic keyboard pedals – Universal sustain pedals, pedal with Dual & Triple functions

M-Audio SP-2: Buying Links & Pricing

Overall, the M-Audio SP-2 is a great universal piano-style pedal, available at a very affordable price, and works well with most keyboards and pianos.

Buying Options

An excellent single piano-style pedal, sturdily built, but does move a bit.

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