M-Audio Keyboard Reviews

M-Audio Keyboard

M-Audio Keyboard Reviews: Guide to the various keyboard instruments from this brand.

M-audio is the leading brand when it comes to controllers (and other studio products); they also make decent digital pianos and keyboards.

Their main keyboard categories include:

Keyboard Controllers

M-audio is one of the most popular manufacturers of midi keyboard controllers (and also audio interfaces). Their MIDI Controllers are perfect for live musicians and for studio use. Includes industry-leading Oxygen, Axiom, Keystation, and KeyRig MIDI Controllers. Read more…

Digital Pianos

M-Audio’s range of pianos includes compact digital pianos for Studio and Stage, as well as upright pianos for home use. Read more…

Leaders in MIDI Controllers

If you are not a complete beginner, and understand the electronic music space, then I’m sure you would know that M-Audio produces top class midi controllers; the most popular ones being the Oxygen, Axiom, and Key-station MIDI Controllers.

They produce recording hardware & software that can turn your computer into a powerful music workstation. The keyboard controllers, in particular, can be easily used to control your DAW software using the efficient mapping technology.

M-Audio Keyboard Controllers

Other Keyboard Instruments

M-Audio also makes synthesizer keyboards (analog synths) and digital pianos. Though they may not have a wide range of these products, the ones that they have are good quality keyboards.

  • M-Audio Venom: Analog Modelling Synthesizers
  • M-Audio ProKeys: Stage Pianos
  • They also produce a range of music accessories such as Cables & Microphone Accessories, Universal Footswitches and Pedals.

    Compatibility with Various OS Updates

    Most of the products that M-Audio makes works with computers, and hence it is important that you know the impact of OS changes on the compatibility and performance of your M-Audio product.

    In case you are planning to upgrade or switch to some other OS, it is best to check if the supporting M-audio drivers are in place.

    You can check it here on this url:

    In case you do not find the exact version of your OS listed there, it probably means that a driver for that exact OS version has not yet been released.

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