Live Sound Equipment

Live Sound Equipment & Reinforcement System: Here’s how to select the individual component of your PA system

What Does it Comprise of?

Live Sound Equipment When you are talking about equipment for your live shows, you would need everything from wired mics to wireless systems, mixer, power amplifiers, speakers, and more, depending on the size of the show.

So basically we are talking about having the following:

  • PA Systems & Packages
  • Audio Amplifiers
  • Audio Mixers
  • PA Speakers
  • Monitors / In Ear
  • Wired Microphones
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Signal Processors
  • Here’s how to choose the individual components


    Available as Powered, Analog and Digital.

  • Powered Mixers: Best for smaller groups playing in smaller places & clubs, as they are compact and easy to carry
  • Analog Mixers: If you have lot of musicians, an analog one can provide ease-of-setup. Besides, its easier to grow into a larger system by adding larger speakers.
  • Digital Mixers: These include effects processors and features such as instant settings recall. Quite flexible and still provides a highly effective system for any level of performance.
  • Mics

    There are so many types available, and you need to select the appropriate one to fit your needs. Depending on the situation, you may not need all of them (especially the wireless one).

    PA Speakers

    PA speakers can be active (powered) or passive (without built-in amplification).

    In case you already have amps, then you may not need the active ones. Besides, you also need to consider if you need a sub-woofer for your setup.

    Monitor System

    You’ll need one if you have live musicians, who’ll need to hear themselves.

    Some of the options include powered or un-powered solutions, smaller stage fills, in-ear monitoring systems (wired or wireless).

    Power Amplification

    This is important to throw in the punch to your sound.

    You can choose from a powered or unpowered solutions. In case you have to match an amplifier to your PA speakers, its best to get an amplifier with twice the speaker’s power rating. This gives you more headroom to get clean and undistorted sound.

    Signal Processing

    You need an effects processor to improve the overall sound quality of the live performance. You will need effects such as:

  • Reverb and delay
  • EQ (graphic or parametric)
  • Compression and limiting.
  • The good thing is that these are also available nowadays as all-in-one products, making them easy to integrate in the setup, and also makes them quite portable.

    Cables for Your Setup

    Aim for good & solid cables, and proper cable management for your setup. You’ll need the following:

  • Enough microphone cables for your mics
  • Line or speaker cables that’ll connect the mixer to the speakers
  • Keep it Organised with Racks

    Use well constructed and well-built racks and cases to keep your gear organized and safe. If you’re buying a new rack, choose one that is expandable (will need in the future) and allows you to grow.

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