Top 3 Best Lighted Keyboard Piano: Light up Keyboard Piano for kids and beginners

lighted keyboard piano with light-up keys

Lighted Keyboard Piano, Light up Keyboard Piano A Lighted Keyboard Piano is perfect for beginners who are looking for an affordable option to practice and want something that will help them play simple songs as soon as possible; light up keyboard piano is an apt keyboard for such users. Lighted keyboards are fun to use and its a lot easier to learn songs on this keyboard as the lights guide you through the correct notes. While some adults find these keyboards a bit kiddish, almost all the younger players love these keyboards. Lot of beginners can start playing songs from the very first day (almost). Skip to the best lighted keyboard piano on Amazon.

Why are they Useful?

It is much easier to learn songs on a lighted keyboard and a lot of beginners will find its feature extremely useful.

Here are a few reasons for learning to play on a lighted keyboard.

  • Learning is much easier for your kids
  • Fun way to learn to play keyboards
  • Quickest way to get started on electronic keyboards
  • Start playing songs from Day One

Children, in particular, enjoy the light-up feature of the keys more than adults.

If you are a beginner, especially an adult who has plenty of things to be done in a normal day besides playing the keyboard, or someone who wants to learn keyboard for casual playing…a Light up Keyboard Piano can be an effective and a very affordable option.

How Do They Work?

The working is simple, though very effective. In lighted music keyboards, whenever you select a song and play it, the correct keys get lit up and they act as a guide to you so that you can play the correct notes.

The keys stay lit unless you press them and when you press those keys the next correct keys (notes) get lit up which you have to play. In this way it guides you through the complete song.

The moment you select a song that you would like to learn, the keyboard will begin lighting up the keys that you’re supposed to play.

In fact, the keyboard will stop and wait for you to find and play the correct key.

Besides, you also get the usual built-in educational tools for learning to play keyboards, including how to play chords.

Various Lighted Piano Keyboard Models

Currently Yamaha and Casio are the two manufacturers who make lighted musical keyboards. This is hardly a surprise as they have always been committed to make learning keyboards easier for the absolute beginner.
The innovative learning system does help you to play a few songs (and also chords) on the piano fairly quickly, without really having to read from sheet music, or needing a teacher around. There are many who find the lighted keyboards better, compared to the other arrangers from Yamaha & Casio, because these are easy to use.

The top of the line keyboards in this series sound pretty good and come with several features. The USB feature allows you to store files on SD cards and/or computer so that you can never run out of music.

ONE Light Keyboard (Lots of Learning Features, several ways to learn)
Yamaha EZ-220 (Good features, trusted brand, good sound)
Casio LK-280 (good features, value-for-money)

Considering the price that these are available for, a lighted keyboard piano is of great value for beginning players.

The two most popular series of lighted keyboards are the EZ series from Yamaha and the LK series from Casio. These keyboards have a lot of musical features and are available at an affordable price, making them ideal entry level keyboards.

Yamaha EZ 61-Key Lighted Keyboard

Excellent beginner keyboards with 61 Full Size Touch Sensitive Keys, and from a trusted brand. The built-in songs can be learnt easily using the lighted keys mode. Addition features include various high-quality tones, and good sound quality. Ideal for beginners who want to learn to play keyboards, read more…

Casio LK-Lighted 61-Key Keyboard

Casio is known to produce excellent affordable keyboards and these light-up keyboards from Casio are no different. You’ll find 61-key lighted keyboards with lot of basic functions, including a powerful lesson functions. You get bundled packages as well that come with closed-cup headphones, single x-braced stand, songbook, music stand and power supply, read more…

The ONE Light 61-Key (smart) keyboard

The ONE Light 61-Key smart keyboard is a more recent model, and comes with several learning features. The keyboard features light-up keys that allows beginner musicians to start playing music in a matter of minutes. There are several ways to learn. read more…

Joy KL-91M 61-Key Keyboard

An inexpensive option is the Joy KL-91M keyboard that comes with piano like keys (although they are not weighted, nor touch sensitive).

This 61-Key keyboard has lighting function — correct keys brighten up to guide you through the right notes. Lots of features, including USB.

What Other Features Does it Include?

In terms of features, a light-up keyboard piano will have the usual features that you find on any arranger keyboard.

You will find hundreds of voices, styles and several built-in songs and effects, something that kids and young children or even adults will love.

Most lighted keyboards come with the standard size 61 keys, but some of them may not be touch-sensitive.

Is that a big deal if a music keyboard doesn’t have touch-sensitivity?

Not for a kid who is starting out learning to play. But as you become serious, you will need touch sensitive keys. Remember, all pianos and the high end keyboards have touch-sensitive keys.

But assuming if you are looking for an inexpensive keyboard, and instead of a lighted keyboard you go for a mini keyboard (less than 61 keys). Those keyboards are also not touch sensitive keys, but they are great for kids to get started.

Hey, but you also have the option of going for lighted keyboards with touch sensitive keys. These are a bit more expensive and come with better sound quality as well.

Hundreds of styles, voices, several effects, metronome, touch sensitive keys and connectivity to computer are some of the important features that you can expect to find on a lighted keyboard piano.

Final Thoughts

Casio and Yamaha are the best brands for a light up keyboard piano. Considering that lighted keyboard pianos are inexpensive keyboards, the features that are available on these keyboards and their nice sound quality make them attractive for beginners who are looking for a value-for-money keyboard for practicing.

Just remember that most entry level lighted keyboards, especially in Casio, have 61 keys, are inexpensive, and are a better option than a mini keyboard for your kid because you get 61 full size keys.

On the flip side, over a period of time you don’t use the light-up feature much, more so when you become confident playing the keyboards. So if you have learnt some form of music before, or are an adult beginner, or are a serious learner, you may chose a lighted keyboard with touch sensitive keys and better sound/more features. But remember that these keyboards are MIDI enabled, so actually there is still a lot more that you could do with these keyboards.

Lighted Keyboard Piano, Light up Keyboard Piano

The Various Light Up Keyboard Pianos

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