Legacy AS750 Student / Intermediate Alto Saxophone

The Legacy AS750 Alto Saxophone is perfect for students and intermediate level players, its a great looking instrument that sounds just as good as it looks. Many a times, students rent out a saxophone set, paying dearly. This is definitely a better alternative to renting because the cost is reasonable and the quality remains just as good as any other superior model. The legacy AS750 Saxophone comes with a case and useful accessories. see PRICE on Amazon.

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Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Superior quality of construction, rich tone, great looks
  • Cons: You may probably need to buy another mouthpiece


buy Legacy AS750 Student / Intermediate Alto Saxophone With Case and AccessoriesBeing able to play a musical instrument is a great thing to do, but as a student, it also means that you need to buy a quality musical instrument on which you can learn and practice. The Legacy AS750 Saxophone is a great saxophone, especially for beginners, available at a reasonable price, and comes with a case and accessories.

Demo / Video Review

Video review of Legacy AS750 Alto Saxophone

Features / Specs

Here are the main features of Legacy AS750 Student / Intermediate Alto Saxophone With Case and Accessories

  • The kit includes a hard shell canvas case, a mouthpiece, neckstrap and cap ligature
  • The hard case cover also doubles up as a backpack, which means more value for your money
  • Superior quality with lacquer finish, great intonation and tone
  • Better option than renting, value for money
  • Product dimensions: 30 x 10 x 12 inches, Weight: 7 pounds

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