Best Left Handed Guitars: Amazing options for lefties

While options are limited compared to right-handed guitars (even the legendary Paul McCartney had to buy a right handed acoustic guitar and modify it to suit his playing style), lefties should be thankful that they have decent options today. Doesn’t matter what style of music you like play, you should be able to do it your way using a left handed guitar designed specifically for you. Checkout these left-handed guitars from Fender, Gibson, Schecter, ESP, Dean, and more. We have also listed several options for left-handed beginners.

Best Left Handed Guitars

Doesn’t matter if you need strings or a complete left handed bass guitar package, you’ll find it here. We constantly look for the best online deals, from the best merchants & brands, and list it here so don’t forget to check them out.

Bestselling Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Here are reviews of some great Left Handed Acoustic Guitars (and acoustic-electric guitars)

Most of these are steel-string guitars, we have mentioned (wherever applicable) if the guitar has nylon strings.

Oscar Schmidt Schmidt OG2NLH-A-U Left-Handed Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
Reasonable but good quality. This dreadnought guitar has high gloss finish, select spruce top, catalpa on the sides & back. It has a standard X bracing, rosewood fingerboard & bridge, a mahogany neck, and a fully adjustable truss rod. It comes with Chrome die cast tuners.

Full acoustic resonance. Available in a wide variety of colors. Dimensions: 41 x 7.8 x 15.5 inches, Item Weight: 5 pounds. See PRICE on Amazon

Fender Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Left Handed CD-100
The fender left-handed CD-100 dreadnought delivers great sound, looks, feel and value, with a natural-finish spruce top, and mahogany back and sides. It comes with a black pickguard and mother-of-pearl acrylic rosette design, new compensated rosewood bridge design, white bridge pins with black dots and smaller (3mm) dot fingerboard inlays. Other features include X bracing, 20-fret rosewood fingerboard, a dual-action truss rod and die-cast tuners.

Perfect for beginners who want to learn from scratch without spending a lot of money on their first guitar.

Yamaha FG720SL Acoustic Guitar
The FG720SL acoustic is an affordable and a great looking guitar. It has a solid Sitka Spruce Top, eastern Mahogany Back/Sides, Nato Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard/Bridge, Natural Finish.

Sounds great and looks expensive. The FG series is Yamaha’s most popular series for acoustic guitars. See PRICE on Amazon

Bestselling Left Handed Electric Guitars

Reviews of some popular Left-Handed electric guitars.

Fender Squier Affinity Telecaster Electric Guitar
The Fender Squier Affinity Telecaster (left-handed) has a solid-body electric guitar design. Features two single-coil pickups (offer a great range of tones). The 3-way pickup selector switch allows you to easily select your favorite tones. It comes with a comfortable neck, quality hardware, and offers top quality construction.

Overall, a quality construction guitar that is easy to play and has a great tone, also offers great value. See PRICE on Amazon

RST BK Full Size Electric Guitar Package
This SX RST package provides you everything you need to get started: an excellent SX RST full-size guitar; a portable amp that delivers big sound; an instructional DVD (note that DVD shows a right handed player); a bag to protect your guitar when you are not playing; a strap to help you hold your instrument; a 10′ cable to connect your guitar to the amp; and a guitar tuner to keep you in tune! This guitar is perfect for playing in any musical style.

An inexpensive (entry-level) Left Handed Guitar Package that includes a decent amp and several useful accessories. See PRICE on Amazon.

Left Handed Guitars: Buying Guide


Left Handed Bass Guitar Players Not everybody is right-handed; there are many musicians who are left-handed as well. So if you are one of them, what should you learn on – a left-handed bass guitar or a right-handed one?

Though it might seem common sense for lefties to use left-handed ones, it is actually not that straightforward. There are two factors that make it a difficult choice, and those are “Available Choices”, and “Price”.

Whether you are looking for a left handed acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or bass, usually lefties have comparatively fewer choices. That is why we decided to list the bestselling left-handed guitars/basses here.

Dilemma for Lefties

Most left handed persons learn to do several things with their right hands (using a toothbrush, scissors, etc.) because of not being able to find the right equipment. But then do you have to do that with musical instruments?

If you are left-handed and intend to learn to play bass guitar, what are your possible choices?

Here are a few!

  • Buy a left-handed guitar
  • Buy a normal guitar and try to play it the way the right handed guitarists play?
  • Reverse the strings on a right handed guitar (Is this really an option?)
  • You do get left-handed guitars / basses but then not every retail shop will carry these models. For most small shops, its not worth the trouble to get them as there won’t be much demand for them.

    left-handed guitars

    Can You Reverse the Strings?

    Right handed people hold the guitar with their left hand and strum with their right. Left handed people feel more comfortable doing the opposite. However, if you hold a regular guitar with your right hand, the strings will be in the wrong order (if you’re a lefty), and for some guitars (depending on its shape/design), the whole thing will be quite uncomfortable in your hands.

    Now, theoretically you can do anything! But then this would mean completely re-engineering your guitar, and reversing the strings is easier said than done.

    It is actually a much more complicated process, which should ideally be done by an experienced technician. It would simply add to the costs, and also put all the knobs in weird spots.

    If the nut is not placed in the right order, it could rub against the strings and wear/tear them out much faster. Changing the design also doesn’t suit the more irregular shaped guitars, as the cutaway could be positioned wrong, and the knobs could come in the way making it more difficult to strum.

    Buy a left-handed guitar

    The next and the easiest option would be to go in for a guitar for lefties. But then there are some challenges of going in for left-handed guitars.

    Left Handed Bass Guitars 

  • You will have fewer options available!
  • Go to any shop and you can see that the choices for lefties are much lesser
  • They will cost comparatively more
  • Your local music store may have a pathetic selection of left handed guitars or the better ones could be perpetually out of stock.
  • You have to interpret chord and scale diagrams mirror-image style.
  • A better option is to buy them online; and you can find some great deals on the top-quality left handed guitars.

    Why do Left-handed Guitars Cost More?

    This is more of a business thing; because there is more demand for right-handed ones! Most big companies however try to price them same, although some disparity may remain.

    For instance, most companies have a pretty elaborate process for making various types of guitar so that they can mass produce it, and if they have to change that process, it will mean lesser numbers produced.

    So, it is more a matter of supply and demand.

    There are many guitarists who play the lead guitar and now want to start playing the bass guitar, or you may directly want to play the bass guitar. Naturally, we all would love to find a cheap guitar that also looks good, and is reasonably priced.

    A little bit of research and you would know that the left-handed ones not only cost more, but are also much harder to find!

    So which one should you buy? Right-handed or Left-handed Guitar?

    The right-handed ones have some obvious advantages as discussed. Besides, you may get the feeling that it will be more difficult to play, since it is not your natural side.

    However, the fact is that irrespective of what you choose (right-handed or left-handed), in the beginning anyways you are going to feel that playing the guitar or the bass is tough, so it really doesn’t matter what you start one.

    So it is more of a personal choice.

    Some go with their instincts and choose the natural one; if they’re left handed they’ll go for the ones meant for lefties. Remember, one of the most popular musicians – Paul McCartney also played a left-handed bass guitar; so it can’t really be a bad choice.

    left handed Guitar reviews In case you decide to get your guitar custom-made (specially made) to suit you as left-handed guitar player, you could be obliged to buy it, even though it may not turn out to be exactly what you wanted in the first place. Its also going to cost you a lot more, and in some cases, you may even have to wait for a much longer time to get your hands on the guitar.

    A better option could be to go in for a properly designed, ready-made left-handed guitar with all the components made to be played left-handed.

    Final Thoughts

    There have been some famous musicians who played the left-handed guitar, but in spite of that the number of options available to righties (in terms of buying a guitar) is more than the one available to lefties. And it seems it’ll always be so, as manufacturers usually tend to cater to the demands of the majority, and they do find it profitable to make things in bulk. So, unless you live in a big city, you’re going to find it difficult to find these versions.

    But then you (if you’re a lefty) need to thanks the reach of the internet, which makes it easy for you to order online, in case your local music shop doesn’t stock left handed guitars/basses. The Big companies have also started making more left-handed stringed instruments (compared to earlier years) because of better processes within the company, and also because of more competition.

    So if you’re a left-handed player, you need to take advantage of the options available to you (it might turn out to be marginally expensive) but then it’s much better that playing on a “regular” guitar, that has been redesigned to suit you. So go ahead and order that left-handed guitar/bass now.

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      Roy April 4, 2018 at 7:24 am

      An important reason you should not attempt reversing the order of the strings is because the bridge rail at the base of the guitar and the capo rail at the head of the guitar have a set of slots (or grooves) which are designed to hold the common string diameters. Besides, many guitars have a comfort cut out and finger guard, placed at specific locations for right or left handed guitars.

      It’s just as hard (or easy) to master the guitar, doesn’t matter if you’re right or left handed. Personally, I feel you should choose a right handed guitar because it makes more sense and you have more options.

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