Best Piano Learning Software Reviewed Here: Start Your Piano Lessons Right Away

Learn and Master Piano Review Reviews of the Best Learning Piano Software: Now you can take piano lessons right from the comfort of your Home. Top Educational Piano Software reviewed here. The list has been picked based on the quality and value it offers for the cost.

Not sure if you can commit the time or money that is needed for private lessons? The next best option for you is to consider piano lesson software.

And what better place other than this site to find about the best learning piano software.

Here, we have reviewed the best piano lessons and courses that is available online. We’ve provided detailed reviews based on various parameters so that it becomes easier for you to decide the one that is best for your needs.

With this, you can give yourself another opportunity to start on your musical journey and with focus you can go on to become a master pianist.

So here we go…


Pianoforall Review

Best Price: Around $40
Suitable For: Beginners-Intermediates

This is the next best option if you’re on a budget and don’t want to learn from method books. Perfectly suited for an absolute beginner who doesn’t want to go through tons of learning material, and wants to quickly get started with piano playing.

A lot of beginner adults will fall in this category, and will find this a smooth reading with plenty of easy exercises. The accompanying audio and video files are also extremely useful.

As a parent, you can even use this course to teach your children and see some quick results. You can use the PianoforAll software with a PC, Mac

The aim of this course is to get you motivated fast so that you can continue learning more. They try to accomplish this by getting you started with popular Chord based Rhythm Style Piano. Once you are comfortable with that and start sounding great, you then expand step-by-step on your chord and rhythm knowledge into Blues, Ballad style, Jazz, Ragtime, Improvisation even Sight Reading Classical music. Read complete review here…

Learn and Master Piano Review

Learn and Master Piano Review

Price: $100 to $150
Suitable For: Beginners-Intermediates, Kids

This is meant for serious beginners and intermediate keyboard or piano players, looking for structured and comprehensive piano learning program. Most learners manage to get started and are able to play simple songs but very reach to a master level of piano ability. This course will show you how to reach that level, but remember that you are not going to reach there overnight. Kids 13 years and older should be able to use this course as well. It offers plenty of learning material which has the benefit of allowing you to start playing real music as soon as possible. The course teaches you both to play by ear and to read music effectively, both of which are important skills to have.

If you are motivated, looking for some serious piano instruction, and want to stick to your own schedule, this course is perfectly suited for you. Undoubtedly one of the best learning resources out there. Read complete review here…

You have several options nowadays to take piano lessons right at your home. These software/DVD courses include video tutorials, music theory, & exercises to improve your sight-reading as well as your ear.

The best courses provide a complete approach to learning the piano, and provide forum access and/or option to contact via email to address your queries.

Here are our top picks for the best piano lesson software/services.

Features Piano For All Learn and Master Piano
piano for all learn & master piano
4.5/5 4/5
Detailed Review
Go to Piano For All Review Go to Learn and Master Piano Review
Downloadable Videos, Ebooks, Music Files; you also have the option of DVD now Physical Product – DVDs, Lesson Book, CDs
Around $40-$49 USD (Downloadable or Physical Product) Around $150 USD (Physical Product)
No Risk Trial
Yes – 60 Days Yes – 60 Days
Skill Level suitable for
Beginner – Intermediate Beginner – Intermediate
Style of Piano Taught
All popular styles including Rock, Pop, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Gospel All popular styles including Rock, Pop, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Gospel
Teaches Music Theory and Fundamentals
Yes Yes
Product support
Email, Phone, By Post Email, Phone, By Post
Ease of Use
Depth of content
Overall Quality

Good content and good production quality

Good content & better production quality
Pedigree of Company and Instructor

Robin Hall, the producer, is an Irish piano teacher with good musical background. This is one of the popular piano learning software, because of its affordable pricing and great mix of content.

Course is designed by ‘Legacy Learning’, who’re renowned for their instructional courses, and the lessons are presented by by Grammy Award Winning composer ‘Will Barrow’

Factors to Consider

Broadly, we used the following criteria to highlight the strong points and failings of each of the products, to help you choose the best learning course.

Piano Lessons
The lessons should be structured hierarchically and cover technique, in addition to basics and music theory. The more the lessons, the better it is. Tutorials should teach proper hand position & fingering, in addition to how to read sheet music and play by ear.

Does it have enough video tutorials, practice exercises? Does it allow printable sheet music and does it have tools for teachers/educators? Is there any way to address your queries – be it on forums or by emails?

Practice Tools
Does the product offer play-along accompaniment tracks? Does it have a metronome with an adjustable tempo, does it have exercises for the right and left hands and also for both hands together, how about progress tracking?

Help & Support
This includes online FAQs and easy-to-follow instructions on how to use the product. Additional resources include email support and/or live chat.

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More Piano Software Reviews

  • Discovering Keyboards Cdrom (CD-ROM)
  • One of the most popular software for piano/keyboard students. keyboard lessons include basic music notation, theory, and technique, with interactive feedback. It has games and quizzes as well to reinforce the learning. Practice songs incldes a variety of classics, folk tunes, holiday and patriotic songs. It also includes a detailed section on "Understanding MIDI and Synthesis" which explains about digital music technology.

  • Piano Suite Premier
  • Piano Suite helps you through the learning process with the help of an interactive voice tutor that provide continuous feedback on your play until you master the pieces. It contains personal and musical biographies of over 150 composers and performers. Challenging interactive games sharpen your piano playing skills and develop theory comprehension.

  • Teach Yourself to Play Piano Deluxe
  • Understand essential piano concepts – Simple rhythms, chords and scales, and playing with feeling and expression. Learn finger aerobics to make playing easier. Follow along with music as its played on your monitor. Fun games reinforce music lessons.

  • Instant Play Piano
  • With Instant Play Piano 4 CD-ROM collection, your professional video instructors use your home computer to guide you through in-depth piano tutoring at your own pace! 50 interactive basic music lessons in 10 subject areas. 20+ instructional videos with full-screen and slow motion. Practice tools, including variable speed and repetition loop.

  • Piano and Keyboard Method
  • Over 300 step-by-step lessons starting from the basics; such as hand position, rhythm, and playing on black keys; followed by music notation, sight reading, scales, and much more. Feedback on mistakes and progress reports available. Animated Keyboard displays correct fingerings as the music plays or for any note or chord that you double-click.

  • eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Software
  • eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method CD-ROM offers over 300 step-by-step lessons starting from the basics; such as hand position, rhythm, and playing on black keys; followed by music notation, sight reading, scales, and much more!

  • eMedia Intermediate Piano and Keyboard Method CD
  • Over 150 lessons and 50 songs with a focus on blues, classics, conventional scales, chord progressions, improvisation and other techniques necessary for mastering the piano.

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