Learn Indian Desi (sa re ga ma) or Western Style (C D E F G A B)?

I am planning to learn digital music keyboard – Self help for time being since I want to avoid commuting time.
1) What style I should adopt to start first – Indian / Desi (sa re ga ma) or western style ( C D E F G A B ). Which style (Indian / Desi or Western) will be easier to start & why.
2) Which is a better choice between Yamaha PSR-E323 (10800/-) vs. Casio CTK 810IN (11500/-). Yamaha PSR I425 is a bit costly for me (16500/ min)? Please help me – Tapas

indian style or western style music

Hindustani style music

Hi Tapas, If you are learning on your own, I think most of the courses would teach you using the standard notation (C D E F G A B). But adjusting to the Indian style is also not difficult later once you understand the concept of scales. – Suresh

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For playing Indian songs, with rhythms that include the Indian Tabla and other rhythms, there are choices like the Yamaha psr i425 and the Yamaha psr-s670. You can choose to download external Indian midi style files if you wish – Vishal

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First of all you should learn keyboard in desi style e.g sa re ga ma style. As you should know that Indian music is melody based and western music is harmony based. Melody means playing songs with single note and harmony means playing with both hands. After learning keyboard in desi style try to learn in western style because with western style you will be able to learn chords and chords fill your melody. Filled melodious music is good for listening. Do not try to learn keyboard with only notations and only try to learn with sargam exercises if you want to create your own songs. If you want to play with the best keyboard which can produce real tabla voice then you should use Yamaha PSR. With high-end Yamaha PSR keyboards, you can also record your own performance by attaching a mic and record mp3 or wav. Yamaha PSR real tabla styles or rhythm for PSR S910 e.g dadra, kehrva, jhaptaal, teen taal, roopic, bhangra, remix and ghazal is available. – Najib Khan

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If you want complete satisfaction of all Indian music and rhythm then select yamaha psr s550b. If u are a beginner then take casio. If you are an advanced user and are capable of investing around 38000 Rs. then go for Yamaha psr s550 keyboard – Sunil

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