Learn How to Clean, Polish & Maintain a Guitar

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Clean, Polish & Maintain a Guitar Learn how to clean, polish & maintain your guitar the right way. These online guitar cleaning and maintaining tips will help your guitar to last for a very long time and maintain its gloss.

Cleaning, Polishing & Maintaining Your Guitar

Owning a guitar is a matter of pride for most music lovers. But like every other musical instrument, your guitar too needs to be looked after well with proper care. With the right measure of care and maintenance, your guitar will not only last longer but also play beautifully for years to come.

How to take care of your guitar

Tips for Maintaining your Guitar

Buying and playing a guitar are not the only aspects that are important, maintenance and care is also a must . Any musical instrument for that matter requires regular checks to ensure that it lasts long and plays as well as it did the first time. Here are some do’s and don’ts for you to keep in mind for your guitar:

  • Handle with Care:

  • You should handle your guitar with a lot of care without placing it on the floor etc. The best option would be if you could place your guitar in a guitar case or a bag and you can put it against the wall, on a stand or a wall hanger etc.

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  • Polish and Clean Regularly:

  • You should clean and polish your guitar regularly to avoid humidity, dust etc to affect the guitar. You can use a good furniture polish to clean your guitar. Always use a dry, soft cloth to clean the dust away from the guitar. You can also use toothbrush and soap water to clean all the oil, grime and dust build up from the guitar. Also don’t forget to dress the frets so that the accumulated oils and dirt can be removed and the fret boards remain dry.

  • Stringing of Guitar:

  • Many of you may break into a sweat at the thought of re-stringing the guitar but you don’t have to worry about it at all. Stringing the guitar is not very difficult but at the same time, learning how to string a guitar is of utmost importance to every guitarist. Over a period of time, guitar strings tend to sound dull and get rusted or out of tune, for which stringing is important. Usually a set of strings lasts for about 1-3 months.

  • Protect from Weather:

  • Keep the guitar away from sun and moisture or extreme cold for a long period of time. Guitar is made of wood and exposure to too much heat, cold or moisture can damage the wood and make the guitar look faded. The guitar should be kept in a place which is dry and cool. Humidity has the worst effect on a guitar. Too much humidity makes the guitar swell up and expand which affects the tone and the play-ability of the guitar over a period of time. So, it is very important to keep the guitar in a dry place preferably in a good guitar case.

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  • Protect from Scratches:

  • You should be careful and avoid things that cause scratches on the guitar. Be it while moving your guitar from one room to the other or using any sharp object close to the guitar etc, you should be careful and take the necessary precautions to avoid such incidents.

  • Play the Guitar Regularly:

  • Finally, the best way to protect the guitar is by playing the guitar. There is no better way to keep the guitar in good shape than to play it regularly. A guitar that is not played often is not taken care of. When you play the guitar regularly, you will realize if it requires tuning or if the strings need to be changed.

    Things to Avoid

    There are many things you should avoid while taking care of a guitar:

    1. At no cost should you wipe your strings with a wet cloth because the strings will rust.
    2. Do not use chemicals to clean the guitar as it might discolor it.
    3. Don’t keep the guitar on the floor as it may create annoying sounds.
    4. During monsoons, avoid keeping the guitar in the case , as it will warp.
    5. Never leave the guitar in a hot car. Even if placed inside a case, the temperature could cause a lot of damage to the guitar.

    Learn how to Clean, Polish & Maintain a Guitar


    A guitar is a very sensitive musical instrument and needs a lot of care and maintenance. It is prone to dust, moisture, grim ,sweat and weather conditions which make it worn out and out of tune within a matter of weeks , if proper care is not taken. To start of with you can keep the guitar in a case and clean it regularly with soft dry cloth or a toothbrush and soap water. Do not forget to string the guitar often so that the strings do not rust over a period of time. Keep it away from extreme weather such as heat, moisture or cold as it may affect the guitar considerably. Finally, you should play the guitar often to keep it in good shape.

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