Kurzweil keyboards: Synthesizers, Workstation Keyboards & Stage Pianos

Kurzweil PC3K8 88 Key Synthesizer Keyboard Workstation
Kurzweil keyboards include a great range of professional synthesizer & workstation Keyboard, used extensively for onstage performances and studio work. Find a wide range of electronic musical instruments for professionals and home users

Line of Products

Kurzweil has a range of products to offer. Though Kurzweil is known for its synthesizers and workstations, Kurzweil also produces a wide range of digital pianos. Here are the various series of keyboards from this brand.

  • Keyboard Workstations: PC3-K Series Production Stations
  • Stage Pianos: SP5 Series, SP4 Series

Kurzweil Keyboards: Synths & Pianos

Here are the various popular keyboard models.

Kurzweil PC3K series Keyboard Workstations

Kurzweil PC3K series Keyboard Workstations are packed with stellar sounds, onboard effects, Sequencer, and more. They are built for the studio as well as the stage. It gives you the best of sampling and synthesis. The Kurzweil PC3K has all the innovative features of popular PC3 line, and has lot more extras, includes everything from the traditional to the cutting edge.

  • PROS: Organized, user friendly, delivers theater quality sounds
  • CONS: Pricey (you pay for what you get)

The PC3K Series are loaded with more Flash RAM for User Samples. It also allows importing your own Wav or AIFF files (Musicians love such workstations because it means their sounds won’t get too old).

These are basically your all-in-one virtual-analog synth packed with a deep sound set and with serious sample-editing capabilities.

Kurzweil PC3K7 (76-Key) Synthesizer Workstation Keyboard

Kurzweil PC3K7 (76-Key) Synthesizer WorkstationThe Kurzweil PC3K is your all-in-one virtual-analog synth, packed with a deep sound set and with serious sample-editing capabilities. Features a synthesis architecture that remains unparalleled in depth and flexibility. It has all the innovative features of popular PC3 line and lot more extras, includes everything from the traditional to the cutting edge.

Suitable for – performers, composers, working musicians, and even hobbyists (looking for great sounds).

Kurzweil PC3K Series Video Review

Key features – 76 note semi-weighted-action, super-powerful Dynamic V.A.S.T. synthesis engine, backlit display, 128 Voice Polyphony, 1074 Stunning Factory Presets, 128MB of user flash ROM and more. USB host port. Up to 32 layers per program makes the instruments sound as real as possible, while the synthesized sounds are deep, large and complex.

Stage Pianos

Kurzweil also makes good digital stage pianos, that have realistic feel, and come with finest quality sounds. Lets take a look at those.

Kurzweil SPS4-8 Digital Stage Piano, 88-Key

Kurzweil SPS4-8 is a great-feeling 88-note fully-weighted graded hammer-weighted action piano. Delivers the legendary Kurzweil sound, with all of its detail and refinement, in a digital stage piano which is both professional and easy to use. Using the next generation of Kurzweil technology, this piano provides some of our best sounds: pianos, EPs, strings, pads, mallets and voices, all available at the touch of a button.

Uses – Performing, quick demo/sketch, full-blown production.

The Kurzweil SPS4-8 can be a good alternative. The piano is compact, features graded-hammer action keyboard, super piano sounds. It also comes with built-in speakers (in case you want to use it for practicing at home). Delivers top quality sound with all its detail and refinement, offers an incredibly high degree of realism and detail. Provides some of the best sounds: pianos, EPs, strings, pads, and more voices, all available at the touch of a button.

Key Features – 64 Voice Polyphony. Top quality sounds and effects. Pitch ribbon, modulation slider. Analog Inputs & Outputs. Midi In/Out. USB

Features top-quality sound palette found in professional workstation but has the layout and simplicity of a stage piano. For those who prefer quality sounds and MIDI controller features in an attractive cabinet with built-in sound system, the Kurzweil SPS4. Combines world-class Kurzweil sound quality with previously unheard of affordability.

About Kurzweil

kurzweil power adaptersFor decades, Kurzweil Music Systems has been known as an innovative leader in the music tech industry, providing world-class musical instruments for the music fraternity. They produce electronic musical instruments for professionals as well as home users, and their keyboards have some of the best sounds and powerful, high-end features, along with one of the best service and support in the industry. Kurzweil Professional Keyboards still continue to be the staple for the best keyboardists around the world.

Kurzweil is used by a lot of composers and film studios for their production needs. One of the reasons being they have some of the best orchestral sounds available in their keyboards. Their workstations pack all the tools to help you shape your own sounds and contain high quality effects.

Here’s a nice video that talks about the Kurzweil Music Story

Kurzweil keyboard Reviews

Most of the Kurzweil keyboards are easily upgradeable, a great feature to prevent your instrument from getting obsolete. New operating systems and options are introduced from time to time providing more features to the owner which can easily be upgraded in the existing model, saving his investment in time and programming.

Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology (V.A.S.T.) is Kurzweil’s highly acclaimed synthesis system, which gives an artist powerful synthesis options. Create stunning patterns and sounds with these keyboards. Their powerful workstations allowing you to work from concept to completion without needing any other instrument.

Kurzweil Pianos

Kurzweil’s new models feature ADAT optical output for 8 channels of 24-bit digital output, SmartMedia slot for convenient storage and upgrades, and more.

Kurzweil Keyboards

Kurzweil Digital Pianos

Piano Keyboard Kurzweil Digital Pianos deliver the legendary Kurzweil sound, and is both professional and easy to use.

Though Kurzweil is known the world over for its synthesizers and workstations, Kurzweil also produces a wide range of digital pianos. These pianos maintain the same high standard of sound quality that Kurzweil is known for. Kurzweil Digital Pianos usually come with a wide variety of sounds, auto accompaniments, and a built-in sequencer. They are available in several choices of finishes and come in both console and baby grand cabinets.

Kurzweil Digital Piano

A Kurzweil digital piano offers some incredibly realistic sounds and feature numerous style accompaniments. All the features found in electronic keyboards like Effects, split, layering, built-in sequencer can be found in these pianos. Kurzweil pianos are available in a variety of Real Wood Finishes to complement any decor. You are sure to get impressed with these finishes and it will be a perfect compliment to your living room. These pianos feature 88 Note Weighted Keyboard. In a weighted keyboard, weights are added below the keys to make them harder to play, thus making it feel like a real Piano.

Piano Keyboard

Useful Kurzweil Resource Sites / Links

Kurzweil Piano ReviewsHere are some useful Kurzweil Resource Sites.

Kurzweil Web: Kurzweil’s new corporate site
KurzweilTech.com: Company background and history

  1. Reply
    Rebecca (Ireland) October 26, 2017 at 7:29 am

    Kurzweil Digital Piano (Mark Pro Two-i)
    I have a Kurzweil Digital Piano (Mark Pro Twoi) which is two years old. It recently started to show some problems with the sound and at the moment it’s not producing any sound at all. I was wondering if you had any ideas about what is causing this problem or if there is anything I can do to fix it myself.

    At the moment the unit lights up when I turn it on but the red lights on the LED screen fade out and it produces no sound at all. It shows signs of electricity at first but none of the red lights are staying on anymore. Before this happened it would turn on as normal but about 10 or 15 of the lower notes would sound much higher, it did not affect all the notes, most of them sounded normal, it seemed to just be random notes. Also if I repeated one of the notes with the problem it would vary from its normal/original sound to a much higher pitch. Also it didn’t just happen on the piano setting, all the instruments had the same problem, even when I played a recording of one of the songs it didn’t sound right. I also noticed when this happened the LED screen would become very faded, and during the first time this problem occurred the LED screen returned to its normal brightness and the problem seemed to have gone away. However, when I returned to it later that day the problem was back and this time it stayed like that permanently.

    I wasn’t really sure what to do at this point so after looking online I found a number of ways to reset it, I tried two different ways, both of which made no difference. The first was holding down the global button and the top note of the piano, when this didn’t work I tried another way, which was holding down the global button and pressing the reset button, it then asked if I was sure and I pressed yes twice and it reset itself. Unfortunately neither of these methods worked so when I left it for a while (unplugged) and came back to it, and it had the problem that I described earlier – it turns on but the lights fade away and it makes no sound.

    I think that’s all the details I can give, but if you need me to explain anything else about the problem I’ll try my best to make it clearer for you. Thank you, I would appreciate any help you could give me with this problem, I’m not sure how common it is, as I couldn’t find anything about this particular issue online.

  2. Reply
    Ron October 26, 2017 at 7:34 am

    Looking for Kurzweil Power Adapter. Have RG 100 SE Digital Keyboards used in an elementary school to introduce students to piano. The power adapters are missing and broken. Supposed to use Kurzweil Power Adapter PP135-17 only (Made in Korea).

    • Reply
      keytarhq October 26, 2017 at 7:35 am

      Actually, you can use any good quality power adapter that has the required configuration, in your case Output DC 13.5V—1.7A

      The Kurzweil PM0025-001 Power Supply seems to have your desired specs — Voltage- 9VDC/ 14AC and Amperage- 2A/ .25A

      You also get the Kurzweil N052001018 JE-1250U which is designed for use with Kurzweil SP76, SP88, and XM1.

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