Best KRK Studio Monitors, Reviews

The KRK Rokit Series studio monitors are easily recognized by their unmistakable yellow speaker cones and their impressive price-to-performance ratio, they have taken value-priced monitors to a new performance level. That is one of the reasons why KRK studio monitors are ubiquitous in home project studios.

Rokit studio monitors are known for their front-firing bass port, soft-domed tweeter, glass aramid composite yellow cone, great looks and superb monitoring accuracy.

With KRK studio reference monitors, recording engineers can hear every nuance of the audio being reproduced, an important requirement if you wish to craft great music and mixes.

Here are some of the best KRK studio reference monitors to help you deliver accurate sound reproduction and acoustic precision, every time, day in and day out.

KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor – Pair

This Bundle includes a pair of KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitors. With high frequencies extended to 30 kHz, and adjustable LF/HF shelves, its perfect for recording, mixing, mastering and playback. Delivers balanced spectral response with low distortion. The system consists of a 1 soft dome tweeter and 5 glass-Aramid composite woofer. Delivers high frequencies up to 35kHz, the class A/B amplifier grants SPL up to 106dB. Multiple input connections allows ROKIT 5 G3 to integrate in any system configuration.

KRK RP8G3-NA Rokit 8 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor

Delivering deep lows and extended highs up to 30 Hz, KRK’s ROKIT 8 G3 (Generation 3) powered studio monitors are perfect for recording, mixing, mastering and playback. Capable of delivering high SPL Monitor outpur. Consists of a 1″ soft dome tweeter and 8″ glass-Aramid composite woofer. It delivers high frequencies up to 35kHz, vocal clarity and extended bass response. SPL up to 109dB.

KRK Rokit RP10-3 Mid-Field 10-Inch 3-Way Powered Studio Monitor

The KRK Rokit RP10-3 Mid-Field 3-Way Studio Monitor is suitable for professional uses, for commercial facilities in need of more capable mid-fields as well as space and budget conscious private studios. Can generate huge sound pressure levels when required. The monitors can be placed vertically and horizontally, because of its rotatable MF/HF Baffle.

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