Korg MS 20 Mini 37 Key Analog Synthesizer Keyboard

Korg MS-20 mini analog synthHistory is being repeated here, and this time it’s definitely a good thing for synth lovers. The Korg MS-20 mini is a newer and smaller version of the popular MS20. Korg engineers have recreated every detail of the original, from the packaging to the instructions. The sound of the inimitable MS-20 is now available to all with the new MS-20 Mini analog synth.

Korg MS-20 Mini Synth: Pros & Cons

  • Pros – Thick & robust sound, Powerful analog filter, Versatile/flexible Patching Options.
  • Cons – Only 37 keys

Who Is It For?

  • Performing
  • Studio use
  • Anybody who likes/uses analog sounds
  • Korg MS-20 Mini Synth: Review

    To those who are not aware, Korg’s MS-20 monophonic synthesizer was first introduced in 1978, and is still a prized instrument for many. The things that musicians liked about that synth was:

    • Thick, robust sound
    • Fat basses
    • Warm strings and pads
    • Gripping lead tones
    • Powerful analog filter
    • Versatile patching options

    The MS-20 now has been re-introduced as the MS-20 Mini, with the same engineers who developed the original MS-20 also developing this mini-version. This is an amazing analog synth sound, shrunk to around 86% of the original size and still retains the distinctive look of the original synth.

    Korg MS-20
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    Powerful Filters
    The powerful filters on MS-20 provided resonance on both the high-pass and the low-pass. Maximizing the resonance would cause the filter to self-oscillate like an oscillator, producing a distinctive and dramatic tonal change that made it so unique and popular.

    The MS-20 mini uses the same self-oscillating high-pass/low-pass filter.

    External signal processor (ESP)
    This is what makes it even more interesting. Want to turn you synth into a guitar synth or a vocal synth?

    It’s possible with this synth.

    The ESP allows you to use the pitch or volume of an external audio source (electric guitar or microphone) to control the synthesizer.

    Flexible Patching System
    This is what makes it so versatile.

    You can easily create complex sounds (limited only by your imagination) by plugging-in cables to change the connections between the various units.

    Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, just follow the MS-20 flow chart that’s printed on the panel, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the different possibilities right away.

    Modern Connections
    You get the old MIDI slot as well as USB MIDI. Connect the MS20 mini to your computer for more possibilities. You also get the original Korg MS-20 manual along with this keyboard.

    Korg MS-20 Mini Synth: Specs

    Here are the key features of the Korg MS-20 mini:

    • 37-keys make the MS-20 more compact
    • 86% of the original size (37 keys)
    • Complete replica of the original analog circuitry (by the same engineers)
    • Simple structure with 2 VCO, 2 VCA, 2 VCF, 2 EG, and 1 LFO
    • Self-oscillating high-pass/low-pass filters with distinctive distortion
    • External signal processor (ESP) lets you use the pitch or volume of an external audio source to control this synth
    • Flexible patching system uses 1/8″ mini plugs instead of 1/4″ plugs
    • Equipped with a MIDI IN jack and a USB-MIDI connector
    • Weight: 14 lbs
    • Dimensions: 23 x 14 x 12 in
    • User Manual

    Korg MS-20 Mini: Video Review

    You can learn a ton lot generating fantastic sounds by watching these creativity-inspiring tutorial videos.

    Here’s video review of this analog synth:

    Video Demo

    How to create patches on the MS-20 Mini.

    If reports are to be believed, it seems soon musicians will also be able to build their own mini model using a DIY synth kit. Checkout this video; with the kit you can build a synth that is very close to the original MS-20 from 1978, it will include both the early and the later versions of the filters. However, its expected to be more expensive than the MS-20 mini and you have to build it ourselves.

    Korg is one of those few manufacturers who’re actually listening to their customers, the fact that they have recreated the MS-20 faithfully just shows their commitment to their customers. We may see some more analog reissues coming out from Korg soon in the future.

    Korg MS-20 Mini: Buying Options & Pricing

    This is already a proven product and if you’re a fan of analog synths in general, then you should definitely check out the Korg MS-20 mini.

    Buying Options

    The MS-20 is a great synth for powerful, in your face sounds.

    KORG iMS-20 – Music Production App for iPad

    KORG iMS-20 – KORG INC.: Korg iMS-20 is a complete music production app for iPad. Its an analog synth studio; a complete recreation of the Korg MS-20 synth – an analog sequencer, a drum machine, and even Korg’s Kaoss Pad technology. It also lets you easily share your songs online via the SoundCloud!
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      MSP January 26, 2017 at 11:17 am

      Great synthesizer that doubles as a complex signal processor. Incredible sounds, several tweaking options. Replicates every detail of the original synthesizer.

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