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Korg M3


The Korg M3 Keyboard is a sleek-looking, great-playing, and an easy-to-learn Workstation that combines the best of their earlier keyboards – the KARMA and the OASYS. Its excellent for making electronic music as well.

Easy to create beats, Great organ sounds, Oasys technology

Okay acoustic instruments

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On Musicians Friend, Korg M3 Workstation Keyboard


The M3 is a perfect mix of a sampler and synth, and provides you with everything that you need to create finished audio tracks, all under one roof.
Though it’s beat making features are well-known, these have some amazing Organ tones available on a workstation. You also get access to the most premium sounds and realistic-sounding acoustic instruments that Korg has to offer. The intuitive and easy-to-use control layout and its full-color screen makes it easy to access all the features.
This is your stand-alone production studio with mixdown and mastering tools and a variety of expression controllers, built with the KARMA Performance Engine and sounds that are derived from OASYS. All this, but at a fraction of the cost!

The Korg M3 is great for making beats and using the on-board sequencer is very easy, compared to some of its competitors. You can even use it as a controller keyboard and DAW control surface, if you use it with your computer via USB. This one comes with multiple USB connecters, which can be used for flash drives, hard drives, and even a CD burner.

Even if you’re only interested in making electronic music, this one lets you do that with ease. Creating beats is easy and the Karma function allows seemingly infinite variations. You have hundreds of combinations of drums and styles and tempo can be controlled at the touch of a finger. Besides, you can easily sample in whatever you like.

This is perfect for House, Trance, and Electronica music. You could easily drive a party wild using only this machine.


Korg M3 Keyboard features include:

  • KARMA-fied with Programs & Combis from the OASYS, and many new ones
  • Control surface
  • 23 sliders & switches available for KARMA Realtime Control
  • KARMA Wave-Sequencing
  • Drum Track
  • Radias Option
  • Open Sampling System
  • 170 Dynamic Effects
  • Hi-Resolution Sequencer
  • The Korg M3 is available in 4 Models – 61 keys, 73 keys, 88 keys & Module

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    If you’re looking for an all-in-one instrument that can replace your piano, something that comes with a sequencer, synth, sampler and gives access to a number of high quality sounds and tools, this is the one. With the Korg M3 you get most of the OASYS technology built-in, without having to pay the premium for it. The M-3 is perfect for the road or for the studio.


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