Korg keyboards Review – Easy Usability, Keyboard with Cutting Edge Technology

Korg keyboards: Review of the Various Series

Korg keyboards come with cutting-edge technology and amazing ease-of-use, making them suitable for every application. Keyboards for Professionals & Beginners!

Irrespective of whether you are a professional musician or a beginner trying to learn the ropes, you can choose from variety of Korg keyboard instruments.

Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the below keyboards:

Korg Arrangers

Korg arranger keyboards (PA series) are renowned for their stunning sounds, effects, world-class styles and ease-of-use. They are one of the preferred keyboards, be it for onstage performance, or for use in the studio or at home. You can use these for composing, songwriting, as an accompaniment keyboard or even as a one-man-band. Read more…

Korg Home Digital Pianos

Though known for their keyboards, korg pianos are also well accepted among piano players because of their clean looks & nice sounds. If you prefer uncluttered looks, authentic piano sounds and keyboard touch, check these out. Read more…

Korg Stage Pianos

Korg brings high level of realism and feel to its digital pianos. Their vintage stage pianos are quite popular. Enhance your live performances and practice sessions with their top-quality digital pianos and organs. Read more…

Korg Synths

Korg Synths are known for their distinctive sounds, easy and intuitive operation, Their Synthesizers are suitable for both stage as well as studio use. Experience the ease of operation and power in all their keyboard synthesizers; be it sample playback or analog synths. You can expand your potential with their innovative music workstations. Read more…

Korg Expansion Boards

A Korg expansion board gives you the flexibility of adding a synth engine and helps you access addition programs and music samples from your Keyboard. Read more…

Korg is a fairly young company compared to Yamaha and Roland but it makes some of the most amazing professional arrangers, top quality workstations and synthesizers – especially the analog ones. 

Korg has a full line of keyboard Instruments to suit every application, be it on stage or in the studio. Korg keyboards have always been popular for its techno sounds and its synthesizers & workstations are a favorite with people who make dance, trance, and hip-hop music.

Great For Contemporary Music

Korg has made synthesizers and workstation that have always been a hit with musicians, because of its superb sound engine, availability of a huge palette of sounds, and it’s extreme ease-of-use.

The stunning loops, arpeggiator, and effects, especially of their analog-synths, have been used extensively for making some great techno and dance music tracks.

Their target market is usually the professionals who perform and record, no wonder it keeps on introducing models with cutting edge technologies.

Korg Keyboards

Korg Keyboards: Cutting Edge Products

It is not that Korg only has a good range of keyboard instruments. In fact, they are one of the leading brands when it comes to producing equipment, both hardware and software, for audio recording and music production.

Here are some of their product categories.

  • Professional Arrangers
  • Digital Pianos
  • Workstations & Synthesizer Keyboards
  • Digital Tuners & Metronomes
  • Digital Drum Products
  • Amps
  • Guitar Effects
  • KAOSS Products (portable phrase synthesizers)
  • Controllers & software
  • Stereo Recorders
  • Various Production Tools

And various Accessories such as Expansion options, Adapters & powercords, pedals & switches, sound samples, and more.

Korg Keyboards & Synths

Limited Options For Beginner?

If you are a beginner who is looking for an arranger keyboard, I will suggest you to have a look at Yamaha’s or Casio’s range of keyboards.

Korg arranger keyboards would be heavier on your pockets and you will not get enough options at the lower end.

You should be fine if you are looking for a digital piano though.

Korg has some very good digital stage pianos that will suit beginners as well as seasoned players.

Great Workstations

Korg has always been a major force in the workstation market by delivering a full line of powerful, lightweight, and interactive music workstations that produce powerful performances with each and every use.

Korg has always responded to whatever Yamaha & Roland has thrown in the market, with its innovative products. The M50, which is based on their flagship Oasys sounds, is available at almost one-third the cost of the Fantom G…and it comes with a touch screen too.

Note – KARMA (Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture) is the patented algorithmic music generation system developed by Stephen Kay and licensed to Korg, who included it first in their award winning Karma music workstation.

Korg Synth Keyboard

Korg Piano Reviews

buying piano, buying electronic keyboard
Korg Piano Reviews: Though known for their synthesizers, korg pianos are quite popular because of their clean looks, nice sounds and are well accepted among piano players.

If you prefer clean and uncluttered looks, authentic piano sounds and keyboard touch, then you are likely to find it here…

Korg Range of Pianos

Korg has been making electronic musical instruments for years now, and caters to musicians at home, in the classroom, or on stage.

However, they are more into synths and workstations, but they do have pianos that most beginners, and musicians who want a practice piano, would love to play.

Simple and to the point, intuitive controls, and authentic piano sounds and touch, are the highlights of these pianos.

You do get a range of colors and styles to choose from.

Digital Korg Pianos

Korg piano, especially the SP series is quite popular among the more serious beginners, with the higher models in this series being good for piano practice by experienced pianists. These have a clean and simple design, with no clutter. Sounds and feels nice, perfect for home, school or the church.

Korg digital home piano Reviews

If you are looking for an upright digital piano, then the Korg LP lifestyle digital piano will be more suitable. As mentioned, Korg may not have several models in every category but whatever they have are top notch pianos.

They also have a 61-key mini digital piano, named the Korg microPiano, which is designed like a grand piano and comes with an opening lid. The compact size means it won’t take a lot of space and will look perfect in your living room.

The good thing about a korg piano is that even if you pick up an entry level piano, the sound samples used are of real good quality. In fact the basic sounds are similar to those used in most Korg’s flagship digital pianos.

Korg Piano Reviews

Read more on Korg digital home pianos here

Pro Korg Piano Reviews

This is where korg’s forte lies and you will realize that when you see their vintage stage piano series. These are performance keyboards with excellent sound and touch.

korg digital stage piano reviews

In addition to the rich acoustic pianos, you will find several analog and electro-mechanical sounds. Available in 73-keys as well as the full 88-keys these come will some of the funkiest and most in-demand keyboard sounds.

korg digital stage pianos here


Korg are primarily known for their synthesizers and workstations, but they do have some good quality digital pianos.

When it comes to pianos, their product offerings may not be as huge as that of Yamaha or Roland, but they definitely have good quality pianos to cater to a wide spectrum of piano players. So a Korg Piano could be the option you’re looking for.

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