Korg Expansion Board – Add More Sounds & Flexibility to Your Keyboard

Korg Expansion Board – Add More Sounds & Flexibility to Your Keyboard

A Korg expansion board gives you the flexibility of adding a synth engine and helps you access addition programs and music samples from your Keyboard.

Korg Expansion

Though all the top line keyboards give you a huge palette of sounds, you would always want more sounds to work on a variety of projects.

And it is not always the number of sounds that you are after; it is the type of sounds that you are looking for.

For instance if your keyboard has more of orchestra or authentic instruments, you may want to have more of analog sounds.

Buying multiple keyboards may not be a cost-effective solution all the time, so a better option is to consider expanding your keyboards sound capabilities.

A Korg Expansion Board will let you expand your korg keyboards palette of sounds…and one such board is the Korg EXB Radias MMT Expansion Board for M3 Keyboards.

Here is an expansion board that gives you a powerful synth engine, capable of analog modeling. It is really easy to make the KORG RADIAS analog modeler work with the Korg M3, since it is plug and play functionality.

Some of the benefits you can expect out of your Korg EXB Radias MMT Expansion Board:

  • Additional synth engine; gives you a different set of sounds
  • Analog sounds and Vocoder
  • Easily Integrates with the M3
  • Cost-effective compared to other analog synths

  • To Conclude

    It is not practical neither affordable to keep on buying new instruments / gear, if you want to take your passion for music to the next level. This is where you can use the various hardware / synthesizer boards that are available from manufactures of premium keyboard instruments.

    You can easily install the expansion boards available from Korg, on your own. Once installed, you will have instant access to additional programs and music samples without the need for buying any external equipment.

    Korg expansion board

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