Kids & Toddler Guitar Reviews: From Toys to Half Size Guitars

toddler guitars Toy Guitars for Kids: Essential information on how to select guitars for toddlers, and the various options that are available.

If your child is fascinated by guitars, seems to have an aptitude for music, or just enjoys playing air guitar on his/her favorite music, then its probably time that you get a guitar for your child.

If your children are between the age of 3 to 5 years, then you should definitely explore the option of exposing them to music. You can choose from a variety of musical instruments, but the toy guitar is a definitely a huge hit with kids of all ages.

In case somebody in the family already plays the guitar, then it does become easier for the child, but then you can’t use the same full-size guitar (on which the elder sibling or the father learnt) for your little one; it will be too huge for him/her.

The best thing is to get a toy guitar (even these vary depending on the age), and there are plenty of options available.

Music related toys are flying off the shelves, as children dream of becoming rock stars and making their own music, and of course there are so many benefits of learning music.

Guitars for Kids: Various Options

Guitars are usually available in the following types: acoustic, classical, electric, acoustic-electric and bass.

But when it comes to children the options available are fewer in types, because most of them do not have fully developed fingers to bend the strings.

Besides the toy guitars, children Guitars are also available in various sizes such as 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of a full length guitar.

As with the bigger guitars, here also you do have several types of toy guitars for kids.

The two common types however are:

  • The one that comes with strings (suitable for 6/7 years onward). You can get a guitar with nylon strings (steel strings will be a bit too much at this age)
  • You can get a plastic toy guitar with plastic keys or buttons (suitable for 2 to 6/7 years); it plays music when you press a button on the fretboard
  • Toy Guitars for Kids
    Checkout these best toy guitars for toddlers / kids

    There are many kids who play on guitar with strings, much earlier, but 6/7 years is when your fingers become strong enough to play on stringed guitars with ease.

    Smaller stringed guitars for toddlers are also prone to going out of tune, so probably its worth waiting for your kids to grow up a little before getting them stringed guitars.

    Music is very stimulating for a young child and can really engage a child’s mind. It is an expressive outlet which fuels creativity, dexterity and coordination.

    toy guitars
    Most parents are confused at what kids guitar they should buy for their little one. Here are some options, depending on how old your kid is.

    • If your child is under 5-6 years, then a toy guitar for toddlers will suit them well
    • Grown-ups should be persuaded to play a real guitar with strings. If you’re looking for the real one, you do get 3/4 sized guitars that can be used by children over 10 years.
    • You also get half-sized guitars that are suitable for children in the 5 to 10 year group. Perhaps you could consider buying a ‘Guitar Controller’ for a popular gaming system.
    • If you have a daughter, remember, you do get guitars in cool colors (including pink).
    • Checkout some good kids electric guitars here.

    In case you already play the guitar, then it makes even more sense to get a toy guitar (or a half-size or three-fourth sized one) so that you can introduce your children to guitars as early as possible.

    How to choose the best guitar for your kids?

    Here are some practical tips on selecting a beginner kids guitar.

    Toy Guitars for Kids

    • Playability: Make sure you buy something that is the right size for your child. Most toy guitars are small in size, so that should’t be a problem. But if you’re looking for a guitar with proper strings, get something that is half-size.
    • Good Looking Guitar
      For kids, looks and color are important, especially for girls. Fortunately, you can choose for a range of colors and designs, that look cool & cute.

    • The ones with buttons are best for very small kids who do not have the strength in their fingers to press the strings. For the grownup kids, say above 7-8 years, nylon string guitars can be used to start learning the basics of guitar. Steel strings can hurt so it is better to keep them for later, when your kids grow up.
    • Guitar with Strings: If you’re looking for a guitar with strings, make sure you read more about the differences between acoustic and electric guitars.

    Checkout these best-selling toy guitars for toddlers / kids

    Guitars for Toddlers (Earliest Beginners)

    Guitar is not only a very popular musical instrument; its actually easy to learn as well. Besides, learning to play a musical instrument also helps a child gain more confidence. So a toy guitar makes for a great birthday gift, something that will him or her happiness and enjoyment.

    Musical toys in general are a great way of getting your child interested in music.

    toy guitar
    Guitars that are meant for toddlers usually don’t have any strings (a real guitar has strings). This is obviously from a safety perspective and also considering the fact that a child’s fingers are not developed fully to be able to press the strings to produce sound.

    That is why you have button and/or in some models the volume is controlled by sliding the hand up or down the neck.

    Some of the credit for the popularity of toy guitars also has to go to popular games such as the ‘Guitar Hero’. These amazing computer-based music games have increased the interest-levels of kids and young people alike, in playing the guitar.

    Kids Grasp Things Fast

    Almost everyone realizes the importance of music on the development of a child, and that is why so many parents are eager to introduce their children to music, at an early age.

    When it comes to acquiring information & knowledge, kids are like sponges and can absorb whatever is thrown at them.

    And that is why you have the concept of pre-schools nowadays that strive to impart learning to children as early as possible.

    Toy guitars are made for babies and toddlers all the way up to small children who benefit from small scale real instruments. Even Adults may enjoy guitar toys like guitar hero and gadget guitar toys!

    If you want your child to be the next Rock Star, then you need to checkout the toy guitars recommended here. Toy guitars for children are the perfect way to keep them entertained and also introduce them to music.

    Brands Available

    Brand/manufacturer is important; a good reputable brand means good sound & better build quality. Owning a brand of guitar that even their favorite rock stars/guitar artists use, makes them feel proud. It’s also a great motivator for them to learn to play the guitar.

    kids guitar The leading manufacturers of toys also make a good range of toy guitars for children. The best part about these instruments is that they keep getting better every passing year; after all they know that children are not going to like it if the toys are very predictable.

    Most of the major toy makers in the market offer great products that encourage your children to learn & enjoy the joy of music. Fisher-Price, Schoenhut, Hohner, Leap Frog, Little Tykes, are some of the popular names that make some excellent toy guitars for your child. Once your child turns about 8 years old or so, you may consider smaller sized guitars (with strings) from other guitar-brands as well.

    The major brands of toys also make these musical instruments. So you can Toy Guitars for kids from brands such as V-tech, Hohner, Fisher-Price, Star Kids, etc.

    Top Kids / toddler guitar reviews

    Final Thoughts

    Toy guitars are made for kids and are designed to attract their attention, amuse them, and in some cases also impart music lessons.

    Besides, they are a wonderful addition to your child’s other toys and playthings.

    The prices will vary depending on the features available and the build quality. As you can see, there are lots of options, and most of them are quite cost-effective. So encourage your budding young musician to get started on the guitar right away! You can check out the various Toy Guitars for Kids here.

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