Keyboard Workstation – Use it as a Touring Machine

A Keyboard Workstation is used a lot for studio work but if you are a performer you can definitely use its stunning sounds for live performances, especially for playing original music.

Keyboard workstations are one of the classiest looking keyboards, usually with full color LCD screen and a glossy chassis. And if you think that these may not be rugged enough for touring purposes, you are mistaken.

Workstation Keyboards are one of the most ruggedly built keyboards and are road-worthy instruments. Use it for live performances to show off their stunning sounds!

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Keyboard Workstations vs. Professional Arrangers

Though pro-arrangers are marketed more as an instrument for live performances, and a lot of professional performers would agree that an arranger is more apt for performing live…you can use a workstation keyboard also for stage performances.

To use your keyboard like a band, while performing live, you just need to select the appropriate sounds and styles and start playing the keyboard.

This is something which you can extract out of your keyboard workstation as well. You just need to program all your songs. Program all the parts except the ones that you are going to perform live, and then play them along.

Suitable for Performing Original Music

A workstation has features that are more suitable for creating original sounds and music. So if you want to perform original music, the keyboard workstation can really outperform other keyboards.

Reason being, compared to an arranger, you get a greater choice of sounds for creating original sounds and effects on the workstation.

Besides, to get a band-like effect, you can use midi files, which can either by commercially produced or you can program it yourself. The MIDI files can help you to accurately reproduce the original music you intend to play.

Amazing Palette of Sounds

Keyboard music workstations have powerful sound generating processors and a huge sound bank to create amazingly nuanced instrument voices. In fact, to generate some of these stunning voices, the keyboard have up to eight layers of samples for each note.

Brands like Roland’s Fantom allow you to add expansion boards to create incredibly detailed and realistic sounds. These expansion boards are powerful synthesis engines that you purchase separately and fix it in one of the expansion slots.

Be it acoustic or electric piano sounds, thick and flexible synth patches, or an assortment of orchestral sounds, they all sound impressive and usually go beyond realism.

Features to Support Live Performance

A Keyboard workstation is one of the most powerful machines, but has the feel of a finely-tuned keyboard instrument. The semi-weighted keys have real-piano like feel, and are quick and robust enough for the most skillful players.

The intuitive layout of these workstation keyboards also makes them perfect for live performances. Big LCD display to clearly show the selections, locking facility to prevent accidental selections, various knobs and sliders for quick control over various assignable parameters.

All these in conjunction with the pitch-bend / modulation wheel can help you to give some amazing live performances.

Equally impressive are their Pads, which can be extremely useful while performing live. You can use them to control various parameters and sounds.

The rubberized pads, usually sixteen, can be used to trigger samples, play loops and rhythmic patterns, or mute or un-mute individual channels in a sequence for DJ-style dropouts.

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Summary – Keyboard Workstation

A music workstation keyboard is usually used a lot for studio work, because it offers all the music creation functions in one instrument. But it can be equally effective as for live performances as well. Keyboard workstations are ruggedly built, and their stunning sounds, intuitive user interface and expressive keys make them perfect even for live performances.

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