Keyboard Stand (Single X, Double X, 2-tier, 3-Tier) Reviews

X-stand single braced

Keyboard Stand (Single X, Double X, 2-tier, 3-Tier) Reviews: Music Keyboard stands, one of the most important keyboard accessories and the perfect partner to your keyboard, are available in various styles ranging from basic low cost X stands to heavy duty keyboard stands (such as the Z style stands) which are ideal for heavier keyboards and mixers. Here we have listed a range of keyboard stands to suit every kind of player. Find the best stands and accessories, available for your portable keyboard, synth or portable piano, from top manufacturers such as On-stage, World-Tour, Hercules, Stagg, Yamaha, Casio, & Roland. Whether you are looking for an X or Z keyboard stand, you can find your ideal keyboard stand to accompany your music keyboard. You can even add/adjust tiers to support another keyboard or to support a music laptop. Skip to the best Music Keyboard stand on Amazon.

Best Music Keyboard Stands

Contrary to what you might feel, there is actually a huge assortment of keyboard stands / accessories to choose from. You will get products that are designed for beginner keyboards, which are supposed to be lightweight, to real sturdy stands that can easily hold super-heavy 88-key keyboards.

Beginners who start on a 61-key musical keyboard can opt for a single-X style stand. Those with 76=keys or 88-keys can opt for the double-X style stands which are sturdier. High end keyboards, synths and stage pianos can be heavier, and you get sturdier stands (such as Z-style) for such heavy keyboards.

Almost all the music stands are designed for easy height adjustment and setup. The lighter ones can easily be folded and carried along with the keyboard.

You can also buy adapters/accessories to add another tier to a keyboard stand, so that you can accommodate another keyboard or hold a laptop/notebook. You can even add casters to the stand so that it can be moved around easily (comes handy on stage or in the studio).

Here we take a look at the best adjustable keyboard stands, for different kinds of keyboards and purposes. I have discussed in detail the various styles of keyboard stands (and their accessories/tiers) few paras below.

  • Best Keyboard stand for 61-Keys: X-style for lightweight keyboards, Z-Style and Column stands
  • Best Keyboard stand for 88 -Keys: double X-style, Z-style, Column Keyboard stand
  • Best Keyboard stand for sitting: X-style, z-style
  • Best keyboard stand for standing: Double-X stands, Column style keyboard stand.
  • Best Keyboard stand for live playing (heavy duty stands): Z-Style and Column stands
  • Best Multi-Keyboard stand: You get keyboards stands that support multiple keyboards. You can also add additional tiers to your existing stand.

Ultimate Support APEX AX-48 Column Keyboard Stand (Best High-End)
Stellar Labs 555-13830 Z-Style Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand (Best Mid-Range)

Recommended Products

  • Adjustable X and Double X Style Keyboard stands
    (Recommended for most portable keyboards)

  • Heavy Duty Professional Stands

Top Single-X and Double-X Music Keyboard Stands

Single-X and double-X braced keyboard stands are the most popular stands. In fact the X-style is the best keyboard stand for most lightweight 61-keys musical keyboards.

Most X and double-X braced stands are sturdy and can support a wide range of the popular 61 & 76 keys keyboards from Casio & Yamaha (double-X is better for 88-keys).

The most basic ones may wobble a little bit, especially if you keep a heavier keyboard on it or if its placed on carpet (but I guess the issue is small enough to be ignored, the keyboard won’t topple, and its expected for the price you pay..around twenty bucks for the cheapest X-style keyboard stand)

Here are some more features of these stands:

  • Can be complete folded and put away for easy storage
  • Secure-Lock center clutch height adjustment system
  • The height can be adjusted from about 25″ to 38″ which means you can even use it in a seated position or even in a standing position
  • The adjustable arm sleeves can be positioned to fit most keyboard widths
  • All the stands come with non-slip rubber end caps to make sure it stays in place

The lower end models, like the X-stands, are designed to hold keyboards and synthesizers weighing around 100-130 pounds. The double-X stand is suited for heavier keyboards, especially 88 keys (there are better options for 88 keys…Z-style, column stand)

X-style keyboards stands let you do the height adjustments for a seated or standing performance position and they have a Secure-Lock feature which lets you do the height changes safely and securely.

Here are some of the better ones:

ChromaCast CC-KSTAND Double Braced X-Style Stand

ChromaCast CC-KSTAND Double Braced X-Style Pro Series Keyboard Stand with Locking Straps.

The ChromaCast Pro Series Double X-style Keyboard Stand supports keyboards up to 150 lbs. Perfect for Keyboards and mixers. It’s fully adjustable to different heights, and is built to last, with double bar strength and support. Its easy to assemble and folds up for easy transport.

It comes with locking straps, although it may not fit all keyboard sizes.

World Tour Single-X Keyboard Stand
On-Stage Classic Single-X Keyboard StandThis one suits most 61-key beginner keyboards. Sturdy & functional. Its latching clutch locks in place to adjust to the right height. Its affordable, yet sturdy and can support weights of up to 130 lbs. Read more…

It can adjust to accommodate keyboards from 49 keys to 88 keys (lightweight models) in length.

World Tour Double-X Keyboard Stand
You also get the double-X style stand designed for heavier keyboards. Get twice the stability of your average keyboard stand.

Can support keyboards up to a maximum weight of 250lbs. Height is adjustable 25.25 in. to 38.75 in.

On-Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand

On Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand
List Price: $74.95
Price: $74.95
Price Disclaimer

This table top-style stand is a fully-adjustable stand and perfect for performing keyboard players. Its extremely strong and suitable for larger & heavier keyboards (vintage keyboards, pianos and even or DJ gear).

Its super strong, features bolted and welded construction, and can support keyboards up to 230 lb.

You can even attach the KSA7500 Universal 2nd Tier unit to this stand, and convert it into a 2-tier stand!

On-Stage KS7191 Classic Double-X Keyboard Stand
On Stage KS7191 Classic Double-X Keyboard StandThe On-Stage KS7191 classic double-X keyboard stand can be used to support fairly heavy keyboards. You may use it for home use to support one of your digital pianos, such as the Casio Privia, or you may use it on-stage for one of your stage pianos. Its easy-to-assemble, height adjustment is easy. Its not a pro-stand though!

The rubber “grips” on the stand are adjustable, you can set it to the width of the digital keyboard resting on it. This allows the stand to hold keyboards with more than 61 keys as well.

The stand does wobble when you bang the keys hard, but that’s okay. A bit of wobbling is expected considering this is a sub $50 stand. If you own very expensive keyboards, you may consider buying an expensive stand.

  • Arm sleeves can be positioned to fit virtually any keyboard width
  • 1″ Square tubing for strength and durability, allows to holds more weight
  • 5-Position disk clutch with bullet-nose pull knob make for quick and simple height and width adjustments.
  • Non-slip rubber end caps.

Overall, the On Stage KS7191 Double-X Keyboard Stand is a nice, light weight, and affordable stand that can be used with a variety of keyboards.

Z-Style Music Keyboard Stands

This is another popular style of music stand, especially used for 88-key keyboards and in general for heavier keyboards.

The sturdier Z-style keyboard stands are designed to hold large stage pianos and heavier keyboards (weighing up to 500 pounds). While they are sturdy, some of these can get a bit wobbly.

Z-stands allows playing positions from either side and can be broken down for travel and storage.

Height adjustments is easy using the line-it up positions and the center box beam provides extra reinforcement and allows for independent width adjustments.

Column Keyboard Music Stands

Column keyboards are multi-level stands that can support multiple keyboards. These are very sturdy music stands, and preferred by gigging keyboard players, touring musicians, pro musicians.

These have a wow factor, look cool on stage, and securely support your prized instruments.

The arms are collapsible which makes it easier to transport, but they are still heavy to lug around (expected from a solidly built stand).

Column keyboard stands are expensive too (upwards of hundred dollars), compared to the other types of keyboard stands. But these are among the best keyboard stands for live playing and preferred by top artists.

Music Keyboard Stand with Laptop Holder

Musicians are dependent on gadgets like iPad, tablets and laptops nowadays for their music. To cater to such musicians, you get iPad/laptop holders that can be attached to their existing music keyboard stands for use on stage, studios, rehearsal room or at home.

These Laptop/tablet holders are height-adjustable and can easily be attached to most X-style keyboard stands.

Holds the tablet/laptop firmly and securely in place, and doesn’t interfere wih any of the controls/jacks/buttons of the keyboard.

Quick Lok IPS-13 Universal Tablet Holder for X-Style Keyboard Stands
On-Stage MSA5000 Laptop Mount, compatible with most stands
On-Stage MSA5000 Laptop Mount
List Price: $24.99
Price: $14.95
You Save: $10.04
Price Disclaimer
Quik Lok LPH-Z Laptop holder for Z-series keyboard stands
Quik Lok LPH-Z Laptop Stands
List Price: $124.99
Price: $99.95
You Save: $25.04
Price Disclaimer

Accessories for Keyboard Stands

If you don’t have what you need to perform better — be it on stage or in the studio, you can add it through these accessories.

You get stand accessories that lets you add additional keyboards, iPad mount, stand for laptops and controllers. mic attachment bar, utility tray, etc. You even can put caster wheels to easily move your heavy setup.

Now you can easily attach a 2nd tier to your keyboard stand and play with an extra keyboard in gigs. Read more…

Digital Piano Stands

Most of these options are for portable keyboards and for heavier keyboards used for gigging. While you can definitely use, some of these for your home digital piano, you get digital piano stands that look aesthetic, look like furniture (made of wood), and will complement the look of the room. If you are looking for a stand for your home digital piano, read here.

Music Keyboard & Portable Piano Stands: Buying Guide

Useful for Beginners
Thinking of buying a music keyboard? A portable keyboard-stand is one of the keyboard accessories that you need right from the beginning, to help you be comfortable and maintain the correct posture while practicing.

As a beginner you might be tempted to avoid buying a keyboard stand but I would recommend that you buy one since you can easily adjust its height. This helps you to maintain a correct posture while playing! While practicing, your hands need to be parallel to the ground but if you do not use a stand it is not so easy to maintain the correct posture.

Besides, a portable keyboard stand does not cost much and it can be folded making it easier to carry around.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced player who loves to play with your friends as part of a band, or do a lot of performances on-stage, the piano keyboard stand is an essential part of your music equipment gear.

Why Buy One?
A portable keyboard stand is an important keyboard accessory and it makes sense to have one because of these important reasons.

  • You can easily adjust its height
  • It collapses into a flat pack and can easily be carried around
  • It looks better than a table or an iron board or any other support
  • You get multi-tiered stands to add more keyboards. You can go in for these as you turn professional, get more work and own multiple keyboards. Check out for more keyboard stand accessories here.

If you are a beginner, you can go in for an X-style stand or a double-X stand for your music keyboard. If you have a heavier 88-key portable keyboard then you should consider a Z keyboard stand. There are more options for pro-keyboard players as mentioned ahead.

Types of Stands
There are a lot of varieties to choose from, the X stands being the most popular ones. This is what a lot of first timers buy.

There are a lot of other types as well, most of them used by professionals.

Here are some more keyboard stands, especially suitable for the performing musician…

What to Look For?
Coming to the most important question! What should you look for?

When looking for a stand, you will need to take into account a couple of factors.

  • Your music keyboard’s weight. Is it a stage Piano or a workstation or a home keyboard?
  • Do you use more than one music keyboard? Needs to be expandable
  • Is the stand easy to carry around, in case you take it regularly to gigs?


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  1. Hi all,

    I’m looking for a keyboard stand for my Yamaha CP300 (88 key 80lbs). Don’t want anything very expensive but would like the height to go as low as possible, preferably less than 25″ or so.

    Most of the music stands I checked go as low as 26″ – 27″, which is still high for me, as a I prefer playing sitting down.

    Any suggestions?

    1. There are lot of stands out there that should go as low as that, even lower. Checkout the Z-style stands. They are sturdy and should easily be able to support heavy 88-key keyboards. However, some of these could wobble a bit with heavier keyboards.

      Another good option is the Ultimate Support Apex stands on which the mounting bracket slides up and down. On these, you could lower the keyboard as low as you want.

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