Keyboard Stand Reviews

Keyboard Stand Reviews: Find the best stands and accessories, available for your keyboard, synth or portable piano, from top manufacturers such as On-stage, World-Tour, Hercules, Yamaha, Casio, & Roland.Contrary to what you might feel, there is actually a huge assortment of keyboard stands / accessories to choose from. You will get products that are designed for beginner keyboards, which are supposed to be lightweight, to real sturdy stands that can easily hold super-heavy 88-key keyboards.Almost, all of these are designed for easy height adjustment and setup. The lighter ones can easily be folded and carried along with the keyboard.

On-Stage Classic Single-X Keyboard StandOn-Stage Classic Single-X Keyboard Stand

This one suits most 61-key beginner keyboards. Sturdy & functional. Read more…
World Tour Double X Keyboard StandWorld Tour Double X Keyboard Stand

This double-braced stand will offer you peace of mind. Read more…
Yamaha L3C Attachable Keyboard StandYamaha L3C Attachable Keyboard Stand

This one is suitable for those who prefer a stand that looks like a desk. Read more…

On Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand On Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand

This table top-style stand is for performing keyboard players. Its extremely strong and suitable for larger & heavier keyboards (vintage keyboards, pianos). Read more…
Accessories for Keyboard Stands

Now you can easily attach a 2nd tier to your keyboard stand and play with an extra keyboard in gigs. You even can put caster wheels to easily move your heavy setup. Read more…

Here are some more keyboard stands, especially suitable for the performing musician…

Z Keyboard Stand

Z Keyboard Stand

Column Stands

More Column Stands

3-Tier Keyboard Stands

Digital Piano Stands

Most X and double-X braced stands are sturdy and can support a wide range of the popular 61 & 76 keys keyboards from Casio & Yamaha. The most basic ones may wobble a little bit, especially if you keep a heavier keyboard on it or if its placed on carpet (but the issue is small enough to be ignored.)

More Features

Here are some more features of these stands:

  • Can be complete folded and put away for easy storage
  • Secure-Lock center clutch height adjustment system
  • The height can be adjusted from about 25″ to 38″ which means you can even use it in a seated position or even in a standing position
  • The adjustable arm sleeves can be positioned to fit most keyboard widths
  • All the stands come with non-slip rubber end caps to make sure it stays in place
  • The heavier stands, such as the Z-stands can be broken down for travel and storage
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