Keyboard Stand Accessories & Attachments (Tiers, Holders)

Keyboard Stand Accessories: Now you can easily attach a 2nd tier to your keyboard stand and play with an extra keyboard in gigs, or add a laptop holder. You even can put caster wheels to easily move your heavy setup.

Why Use Stand Attachments

When it comes to gear, musicians want them to be as flexible as possible.

So if you have recently started gigging and want to integrate another keyboard in your setup, you can easily do that using these accessories.

Also for the gigging musician, having accessories such as keyboard bags/cases, keyboard stand tier and keyboard stand bag will ensure that your instruments are well protected and at the same time are easy to move around, which is very useful if you gig regularly.

Even while performing, the amount of space you get for your gear is important!

With so many sounds/effects available in keyboards/synthesizers, and with the help of MIDI which makes it easier to connect multiple digital instruments, you may definitely want to use multiple keyboards for your performance.

This is where keyboard stand accessories can definitely assist you as a musician.

Recommended Keyboard Stand Accessories

On Stage KSA7500 Second Tier for Keyboard Stands
List Price: $39.95
Price: $34.95
You Save: $5.00
Price Disclaimer

On Stage Second Tier for Keyboard Stands
This is an excellent Universal mounting attachment that can be adjusted for height as well as angle.

ChromaCast CC-KSTAND-ADTR Keyboard Stand 2 Tier Adapter
Adapter is 12″ Wide and 13″ Tall, adjusts from 19.5″ to 30″ to accommodate most keyboards. Adapter attachment locks on to lower keyboard arms and is 1-1/8″ in diameter. Ideal for use with the ChromaCast Keyboard Stand.

PYLE-PRO PLPTS25 Laptop Stand with Table-Case Clamps
Laptop Computer Stand for DJs and musicians, suitable for holding Your Laptop, CD Player/Controller, EFX Machine Or Lighting Controller.

Ultimate Support Bag With Strap for Keyboard Stands
Ultimate Support AX48PROBAG Electronic Keyboard Stand is the perfect accessory for the APEX AX 48 Pro. It’s a durable tote bag with a carrying strap and room for one boom arm (sold separately).

Quik-Lok Caster Kit for Z Stands and Workstations
The Quik-Lok ZM-99 caster kit allows you to put wheels on any Z stand or workstation for easier movement, in the studio or on stage.

What Stand Attachments Are Available?

Here are a few attachments that most professionals use when performing on stage.

  • A 2nd Tier attachment that works with most types of stands, including X- and Z-Style Stands
  • Certain attachments may come with support arms that can also be used to keep laptops and other DJ equipment
  • Mic attachment that can support a variety of mics including any standard mic boom, clip or gooseneck
  • One of the most common keyboard stand accessories is the keyboard stand tier – a mounting attachment which acts as a second tier for your keyboard stand. This is a perfect solution to create more space for your gears while performing.

    A keyboard stand tier is robust & sturdy and you can easily place a second keyboard on your keyboard stand. The keyboard stand tier can easily hold another 61-key or in some cases a 76-key keyboard.

    Using a keyboard stand bag is a very comfortable method to carry your keyboard stands. It is a rugged heavy-duty bag made with padded nylon, and includes two hand straps for a well-balanced load. These bags also have internal straps to hold the keyboard stand tier.

    Keyboard Stand Accessories

    Recommended Keyboard Stand Accessories

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