Synth & Keyboard Repair: List of Repair Specialists

Synthesizer / Synth Keyboard Repair: Find a List of Specialists

Synthesizer / Synth Keyboard Repair – Find a list of repair specialists who can handle any problem related to your digital piano keyboard instrument.

Any repair work on your electronic keyboard is best left to the professionals. You should not open your keyboard and try to figure out what has gone wrong.

If you open up your electronic keyboard, you may not be able to close it in the exact manner later; it may not look very compact.

Besides, you may lose out on the keyboard repair warranty, if applicable, since you tried to fiddle with the interior of the keyboard.

So just leave your keyboard / synth repair to the repair specialists!

Most of the problems you face would be around the keys, or the buttons/knobs, or the adapter.

  • Over a period of time either the keys would become too soft or some of them may be broken.
  • Some of the buttons/knobs on your keyboard may not respond or may need to be pressed to hard.
  • The backlight LCD display may stop working.
  • The keyboard may just refuse to power up if you are using it after a very long time.
  • All these problems are easily repairable and should not cost a lot!

    You may go to your nearest musical instrument shop and ask if they have technicians who would carry out repair works. Most of them should provide these services.

    In case you are not able to find one, you may get in touch with one of the electronic keyboard repairs / synth repair specialists listed below. They should be able to help you out with major synth repair work as well.

    Repair & Restoration – North America

    Advanced Musical Electronics
    Los Angeles based authorized repair service for a lot of musical instrument brands. They Will accept work shipped from anywhere in the world.

    They are Cleveland based business that sells wooden Minimoog cabinet kits, and Prophet Wood replacement kits.

    Audio Electronics
    They are Dallas based repair and service centre, authorized to work on most major brands.

    They will do memory upgrades for most brands of samplers – Akai, Emu, Ensoniq, Korg, Kurzweil, Roland, Yamaha.

    CAE Sound
    San Mateo CA USA based repair shop that repairs and services modern as well as vintage synths.

    Davidson Electronics
    New York based full-service facility specializing in electronic keyboards & synthesizers, audio systems, analog & digital recording systems.

    Electronic Edge
    They are Ohio based company offering expert repair and restoration of classic electric pianos and keyboards, including Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet.

    EPR Electronics
    They are Florida based business offering servicing of professional keyboards, amps and pro audio gear since 1979.
    They are the official parts supplier for Korg, Fender, Vox and Marshall gear. They Ship worldwide.

    Major Key
    Major Key is a part-time business. They sell Rhodes piano parts.

    MITA Techs
    Musical Instrument Technicians Association provides a list of members by STATE which can be useful for finding a technician close to your area.

    Pacific Innovative Electronics
    They provide Synthesizer and Keyboard repairs as well as maintenance services for various Audio equipment gears.

    Right Key Repair
    They are based in Minnesota and specialize in synthesizer and electronic keyboard repairs. They will also work on gear sent from out of area. They will fix just about anything.

    The RhodesMan
    David Ell, the RhodesMan repairs, restores and customizes Fender Rhodes electric pianos for recording and performing. He is based in Kennewick, WA,

    SD Synth Information Resource
    Replacement Synthesizer Key Guide
    shows a wide range of keys plus they also have some used keys available for sale. There are also many links to online technical information for synthesizers.

    Speakeasy Vintage Music
    They provide parts and some upgrades for Fender Rhodes, Hammond, Wurlitzer and Clavinet keyboards.

    Syntaur Productions
    Repair parts, memory expansion, commercial patches & samples available for various keyboard brands.

    Synth Parts
    Sell some hard to find synth parts such as synth chips (including CEM), pots & sliders, knobs & slider caps, keys, switches, jacks etc.

    Synthesis Technology
    CEM Electromusic website with certain CEM series Curtis chips available. They offer assembled modules and parts.

    SynthMuseum Repair Links
    SynthMuseum provides a page with links to synth repair services available in the US and UK.

    Time Electronics
    Offer a variety of instrument services and also sell Rhodes piano parts.

    Repair & Restoration – Europe

    Alpha Entek
    London based centre specializing in the repair, service, customizing & restoration of most vintage keyboards and synths.

    Based in Lower Dicker East Sussex UK they repair and service electronic music gear including musical keyboard repairs.

    They specialize in restoration, renovation and custom fitting Vintage and modern instruments. Individually hand made restoration panels, end cheeks and wooden sides for most major brands.

    Hammond Hire
    UK Coventry based organ and classic keyboard restoration including Hammond organs, Fender Rhodes, Clavinets, Wurlitzer pianos, and Moog synths.

    Based in Milano, Italy. Mastertronics sells parts and manuals. They offer repair services for various brand of synthesizers.

    Sell Lightfoils (ships worldwide) and explains how to replace the foil in your LCD display, has various examples.

    They sell data storage accessories for many arranger keyboards / Synthesizers.

    UK based service provide synth service & restorations for the major brands. Includes case and key repairs.

    Synthesizer Service
    A London – UK based synthesizer & electronic keyboard repair service.

    Vintage Planet
    Have a large list of vintage synth parts, accessories, sounds books and manuals available.

    Virtual Music
    keyboard upgrades for many different brands of synths and keyboards.

    WD Greenhill
    Spares, Parts, Owners Manuals, Service Manuals and Schematics for Organs, Keyboards, Electronic Pianos & Accordions. They are UK based but will also ship to the US.

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