Do Keyboard Players Really Have an Advantage Over Other Musicians?

Although, playing the piano might help you become better as a musician and an arranger, do keyboard players have some advantages over other musicians? Let us know if you agree with the points listed, or if you have any views that we missed out there.

keyboard players vs other musicians

Better Suited for Studio Work

Maybe keyboard players have an advantage, when it comes to studio work as its quite easy to input the notes using a keyboard controller.

You do get controllers for other instruments as well but then they are not as easy to setup and there are not a lot of cheaper options.

Piano is Difficult to Learn

Keyboards/piano might be easier to play to begin with, compared to a guitar where the fingers hurt initially when you’re learning.

However, if you want to play it really well, a piano could require more efforts as you really need to learn to synchronize both the hands, which requires more practice.

Not Really

Keyboard players might have an advantage in the studio, but not on stage probably. They may find jobs in studios, but when it comes to live playing, singers and guitar players seem to have an advantage, very few keyboard players in popular bands are actually popular.

Do you agree that certain musicians have an advantage over other musicians? Please let us know here.

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