Top Keyboard Cases – Hard / Flight Case for Professional Piano Keyboards

Piano Keyboard Case
Keyboard Cases for Professional gear and for the touring musician. These flight cases (Gator, SKB, Yamaha) offer the best possible protection to your music gear (piano keyboards).

Keyboard bags are useful accessories that protect your keyboard whilst transporting or simply for storing your keyboard when not in use. Here we take a look at hard Keyboard Cases for Pros (also known as flight cases)! A flight case is a strongly built case designed to handle some of the heavier & the most expensive digital music keyboards.

Best Keyboard Hard Cases / Flight Cases

Keyboard cases with wheels/casters

Looking for something less professional, lighter and cheaper? You can find Keyboard Bags (Soft Cases and Gig Bags) here.

Need for Hard Cases / Flight Cases

As a performing artist, you need to ensure that you and your keyboard instrument reach safely at the venue where you are going to perform. Musicians, who tour all over the world, always ensure their equipment and instruments have the best possible protection, and it is possible using these accessories.

Keyboard Flight Case

Since you will be using some of the most expensive keyboards and synthesizers, safety of your digital keyboard is of utmost importance, as you will be travelling around a lot with your keyboard instrument.

To prevent any sort of damage to your music keyboard, you will need Hard Cases to provide the best possible protection to your keyboard gear.

A keyboard case is perfect for stage pianos, 88-key keyboards, vintage keyboards, Synthesizers and other expensive keyboards. Some of the best keyboard cases are made from military grade Polyethylene.

These offer the ultimate hard-shell protection for virtually any size portable keyboard and are especially designed for keyboard players who are looking for the best protection for their delicate musical instruments.

Keyboard Flight Case

When on flight or on the road, pros trust the safety of their expensive music gear to these flight Cases.

You also get keyboard case with wheels; the built in wheel systems provide that added comfort, as these cases themselves can be heavy on their own. So the wheels allow for and reliable mobility.

Possible Risky Scenarios

Here are some scenarios which definitely occur once in a while, and with the kind of instruments pros use, this is like an added insurance.

  • When your instruments are in the trailer, it is quite possible for any heavy object, such as speakers, to fall on your case. Would you want your keyboard to be still safe in that case?
  • There are times, especially when you are in a hurry, that one of the cases falls from the car, and you or your friend accidentally runs the car over the gear. Do you expect your music instrument to be unharmed in that case?

In either case, you can expect to breathe easy if you use one of these hard cases. And the best thing is that these are deigned to last for several years, and they would still provide the necessary protection.

Features of Piano Keyboard Carrying Flight Case

A keyboard case is normally fitted with tough, lockable security latches so that it does not open because of the weight of the keyboard.

Roller blade style wheels are attached for easy transport as you will not be able to lift these keyboards along with the case.

Bumpers are connected on the exteriors to protect the hardware from shocks and impact damage. On the inside, you will find quality Foam for that extra protection against shocks and to get a good grip on the keyboard.

Gator, SKB, Yamaha Keyboard cases, Flight case

Factors to Consider

Piano Keyboard cases for keyboards are available in various sizes. You will find 61-Key Keyboard Cases, 76-Key Keyboard Cases and 88-Key Keyboard Cases

Before you buy these cases, you will also have to consider factors like the weight of the keyboard case, as they tend to be heavy, and also the cost as you will not get them cheap!

Keyboard cases, also known as Rigid or Flight cases, are strongly built boxes designed to handle heavy and expensive keyboards.

You can even customize them according to your needs. Though they tend be very heavy and expensive, you do not have much of a choice if you want to protect your expensive gear. This is meant for serious gigging and touring.

Another thing to keep in mind before you buy is to make sure that your keyboard fits in the case and it is able to handle the weight of your keyboard.

Popular Brands of Music Keyboard Cases

You can find a great selection of keyboard hard cases and keyboard bags on wheels from leading brands. Some of the well known brands which make hard cases are SKB, Gator and Yamaha. They make 61-Key Keyboard Cases, 76-Key Keyboard Cases and 88-Key Keyboard Cases.

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